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Apple's Tracker Accessory Will Be Called 'AirTag' And It Was Revealed In The iOS 13.2 Update

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Apple's new tracking accessory has been rumoured to launch for months and we may finally have a name for the tracker. The name was discovered by 9to5Mac in the iOS 13.2 update as there were references to a product called AirTag. Now that the update has been rolled out, you can check out the AssetFolder folder for yourself. 

Apple's Tracker Accessory Will Be Called 'AirTag' And It Was Revealed In The iOS 13.2 Update© Twitter

The device is said to work similar to Tile and will automatically connect with your iPhone like the AirPods, Apple Watch and other devices. The tracker was rumoured to launch alongside iPhone 11, however it seems like the launch was delayed as there was no mention of the product at the iPhone 11 launch event. 

The folder in the iOS 13.2 update also has images and videos that might be used as placeholders. One such video titled “BatterySwap” that essentially confirms the AirTag has swappable batteries can also be spotted. 

Apple's Tracker Accessory Will Be Called 'AirTag' And It Was Revealed In The iOS 13.2 Update© Youtube/MacRumors

Previous rumours suggest that Apple will use AR to find items and could also use the new tracking feature coming to iOS 13. Tile uses a phone's local Bluetooth connection to find lost items, however, Apple may choose to use the 'Find My' app feature to locate a lost or stolen device even when it is not connected to an internet connection or a Bluetooth connection. Basically, the tracking device will be able to ping other nearby Apple devices to detect its location. The information will be relayed back to Apple's servers securely and will be then transmitted to your Find My app. It will then use Bluetooth and possibly AR to communicate with other Apple devices and all the information from your lost device will remain private and secure.

There is a good chance that Apple may launch the AirTags sometime this week as a surprise just the same way the company launched the AirPods Pro

Source: 9to5Mac

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