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Paladins: Champions of the Realm Update 2.01 arrives with a new champion

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Twenty-nineteen is already shaping up to be an important year for Paladins, with Update 2.01 marking the beginning of a heavy polish-centric, bug-fixing focus.Take The Hunt for example, which is an initiative dedicated to elevating Paladins to the best it has ever been by focusing on polish. So much in fact that 20%-40% of each development cycle will be devoted to polish and bug fixes.


Season 2 has begun. All games played prior to the official launch of the game out of beta last year are now being considered as Season 0, while last season is now being dubbed Season 1. The new season features "a reworked Ranked system, a major overhaul to Talents and Loadouts, and plethora of new Champion balance". Those who achieved 200 Ranked wins during Season 1 will receive a Ranked Loading Frame that represents the highest tier they managed to achieve. If you want to Buy Paladins Crystals Code and Paladins Crystals, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.


Imani's capacity to switch alignments is bound as her second ability, with her first being Frostfire glide, letting her surf through the sky on a block of ice for 3 seconds. Finally, Imani's ultimate Dragon's call lets her summon a Frostfire dragon to the battleground which unleashes its Frostfire breath to bring havoc over the realm.Coming alongside Imani are a bunch of new balance changes for each champion and adjustments that include locking each champion to only three talents, rather than the four that was the norm previously. On top of that, items will no longer have category restrictions and there will be callout locations over each map.


Both cross-play and Imani will be available on public test servers from December 17. To mark the changes, Evil Mojo is offering a free starter pack for PC players for a limited time. Simply logging in between today and December 15 will unlock the game’s four most recently-released heroes, as well as a skin and a voice pack for each.

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