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Air Hostess Giving Iftar Food To Fasting Passenger Who Just Asked For Water Is The Real India

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If I was asked to explain the phrase, "actions speak louder than words", I would probably give the example of the heartwarming gesture of Manjula, an air hostess with Air India Alliance, towards Rifat Jawaid, a passenger in her flight. 

Fasting Passenger Asks For Water On Flight, Air Hostess Comes Back With Iftar Food© flickr

Rifat, a journalist by profession, was travelling from Gorakhpur to Delhi and was observing his Ramzan fast. The Iftar time was nearing while he was on-board. Since he was starving and fasting, he walked up to the cabin crew and asked for a bottle of water.

We all know how small the water bottles on a flight are, and since he was starving and thirsty given that he had consumed nothing all through the day, he asked for another bottle saying, "can I please have one more bottle since I am fasting?"

On my way back to Delhi in @airindiain Alliance from Gorakhpur: Iftar time was nearing so I walked up to cabin crew member Manjula, asked for some water. She gave me a small bottle. I asked, “can I pls have 1 more bottle since I'm fasting?”
Manjula replied, “why did you...

— Rifat Jawaid (@RifatJawaid) May 18, 2019

The air hostess immediately replied, "Why did you leave your seat? You please return to your seat." A few minutes later, she returned with a tray full of Iftar food and said, "please don't hesitate to ask for more." 

Rifat mentioned in his tweets that although the food was more than sufficient for him, what was more satisfying was her heartwarming gesture. 

..leave your seat?You pls return to your seat.” Minutes later she arrived with two sandwiches and said, “please don't hesitate to ask for more.”
Of course I didn't need more. They were more than adequate for me. What was the most satisfying was Manjula's heartwarming gesture.

— Rifat Jawaid (@RifatJawaid) May 18, 2019

Manjula didn't move mountains, she didn't do something unimaginable, some might even say that she did her job. But, what she did is truly commendable and her kind gesture touched Rifat's heart and that of all those who read his post on Twitter. 

India Ka Soul Yahi Hai :) Hum Sab Ek Hai Bas Kuch Log Humko Baantke Rakhna Chahte but India Lives On Bcoz We Are One Dil Se !!!

— Mohammed Azeem Uddin (@princeeazeem) May 19, 2019

May Allah keep this sprit intact in my India.

— M Perwez Ahmad (@MPerwezAhmad2) May 18, 2019

That's has nothing to do with airline that was has to do with Indian culture which is still in our blood very much worrying some time with the idea of new India ð®ð³ GOD protect this nation from new India evil ð¦¹‍âï¸

— kmuazer (@shahidmuaz55) May 19, 2019

Air India has always been like that. It's staffed by common folks who have a immense sense of warmth and hospitality. Most important they have always been the airline with empathy. Way to go @airindian

— Tandav (@pushkarbhat) May 19, 2019

There are plenty of good people still exist in the world

— Apolitical_Mango (ð¯ % Followð) (@somebodys_meh) May 18, 2019

this is real indiaï¸ð®ð³

— osama ahmed (@i_m_osama) May 18, 2019

This is India, I know! What we see now everywhere is fabricated ! God bless India!

— Sriram Krishnaswamy (@cheeku75) May 19, 2019
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