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Neverwinter provides gamers a nostalgia world

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For many gamers, their experience with MMOs have resulted in varying results of enjoyment. The genre is very diverse within itself with different signature elements that set them apart from each other. The key is finding an experience that sticks with the player and encourages longevity, and often it’s a singular mechanic that makes all the difference. With an ever open mind,  we donned our best d20 duds and jumped into Neverwinter, a free-to-play MMO set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. It has been out on PC since June 2013, and on Xbox One since March 2015.


Put simply, there's a lot to do in the world of Neverwinter. A never-ending supply of both official and community-created quests always ensure that players are busy fetching items or slaying monsters. In following the standard role-playing gameplay mechanics, players partake in both individual and group quests to earn experience points and loot, and ultimately level their character with skill points and such. Those feeling competitive can join in various player-versus-player matches that have players battling for control points in an assortment of arenas. Players can also enter queues to await being placed in groups for completing cooperative dungeon instances.


While the game's battle system contains all of the standard mechanics found in other role-playing games, the action in Neverwinter is far more exciting as all of the combat animations are fluent and frantic. Most role-playing games suffer from lackluster combat that usually moves at a snail's pace. Neverwinter on the other hand employs a frantic battle system that allows for players to frequently use their associated number key skills in addition to dodging and other special actions. Aside from the entertaining combat system, the gameplay suffers slightly from encounters with often mundane enemies that don't employ much strategy other than standing in the same location. Boss battles with a group of fellow adventurers are far more enjoyable experiences as players work together in overcoming challenging scenarios. Use this 3%-off coupon to buy Cheap NW Astral Diamonds from our site: "MMOCSVIP".


Outside of battle, players can work on their crafting skills or pursue the auction market for buying or selling items, as well as browsing the selection of featured quests created by players. Aside from the game's campaign, players can browse from a selection of quests that others have created using the in-game Foundry tool. Quests created in the Foundry can be rated by other players, as well as the ability to donate gold to the creator. The Foundry is a great addition to the game as players will have new quests appearing daily ensuring for the consumption of many gameplay hours.


As a whole, Neverwinter Online is a solid MMO that provides gamers with a world that is heavy on the lore and nostalgia for those who are fans of the Dungeons and Dragons and Neverwinter Nights games, as well as for those who are new to the genre. Aesthetically pleasing for a Free-to-Play MMO that gives players (especially those who have been stuck playing the role of Dungeon Master) a chance to literally create and play their own one of a kind adventures with the Foundry feature, this stand-alone game is definitely worth trying out.

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