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The First Reviews Of 'John Wick 3' Are Calling It The Best Movie In The Franchise Yet

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Everyone loves Keanu Reeves, the guy is just so amazing, and everyone loves him as John Wick ever since he took on the role in 2014 and avenged his dog. Now, the third movie in the franchise - 'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum' - is almost here, but some people have already watched it and it's no surprise that people are loving the movie.

Ever since the first promo picture came out - Keanu Reeves with Halle Berry in a desert with two dogs - people have been so excited for the movie. And, concerned about the dogs, of course. 

Welcome to the next chapter. #JohnWick3

— John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (@JohnWickMovie) December 19, 2018

People are also calling it the best movie in the franchise so far, and well, nothing builds the excitement more than that. 

#JohnWick3 is an absolute blast and the best film of the @JohnWickMovie franchise so far


— UPROXX (@UPROXX) May 10, 2019

Some people disagree.

On JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3, which I think is a notch below the other two movies, but still a lot of fun.

— Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (@vishnevetsky) May 10, 2019


JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 is pretty fucking badass. Maybe the most violent studio movie since HOSTEL: PART II. The Boban fight scene RULES & I don't even know if that was one of the top 3 sequences. Loved Mark Dacascos, but everyone is good -- Halle, McShane, Lance, Fishburne, Huston.

— Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) May 10, 2019

Now, that's cool.

Migos finally have their track
“John Wick” featured on 
John Wick Chapter 3

— MIGOS ð (@CultureTheAlbum) May 7, 2019

'Veheeery' good movie, apparently.

OKAY. @VAMNit & I went to the premiere of John Wick 3 last night (or John 3 Wick, if you're the sign behind us)
It is veheeeery good. We loved it.
No spoilers, but ask me anything about the night, go

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) May 10, 2019


Within the first five minutes of CHAPTER 3, John Wick visits the Rose Main Reading Room of the Fifth Avenue New York Public Library, seven out of four stars, best film of the franchise

— Jason Bailey (@jasondashbailey) May 10, 2019

Freaking awesome, guys!

How is John Wick Chapter 3?! FREAKING AWESOME! Seriously GO SEE THIS! I didnt think they could top the last two in terms of action, but they DO! One scene in particular worth price of admission alone! Our NON-SPOILER Review! RT & Share Plz!

— Joe Vargas (@AngryJoeShow) May 10, 2019

Unrelated, but that little clip is everything.

Keanu Reeves during the break of John Wick 3 filming July 2018

— Keanu Reeves หà¸à¸¹à¸£à¸±à¸à¹à¸à¹à¸² ⤠(@keanureevesmore) May 11, 2019

Can't wait to watch.

john wick is the best action movie franchise we've gotten in 20 years — part 3 is truly incredible

— Shea Serrano (@SheaSerrano) May 11, 2019

Okay then.

ð¶ JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 — PARABELLUM has a terrific beginning, a boring middle, and a great end. give mark dacascos his own spinoff, please! also, more with laurence fishburne and his birds! also (x2), more jason mantzoukas! ð¶

— karen han (@karenyhan) May 10, 2019

Okay, some mixed reviews.

I enjoyed John Wick 3 just fine--it's more John Wick--but I have to say I'm absolutely shocked that the RT rating is so overwhelmingly high. This movie DEFINITELY has more problems than a lot of critics are pointing out imo

— Mike Rougeau (@RogueCheddar) May 11, 2019

That's good.

John Wick 3 takes a page (and some actors) from The Raid in its relentless action and hard-hitting choreography. There's some plot wheel spinning that kept it from being perfect, but I just love this world and enjoy spending time in it.

— Eric Vespe (@EricVespe) May 11, 2019

That's the tweet.

#JohnWick Chapter 3 is the best movie ever. That's it, that's the whole tweet.

— Brandon Katz (@Great_Katzby) May 10, 2019

Finally, please.

I saw that they're handing out trading cards for Detective Pikachu. 

I hope for John Wick 3 they hand out guns.

— Clipper Of Wings (@Exfatvirgin) May 11, 2019

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