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Just Like The Starbucks Cup, Here Are 12 Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years

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HBO and 'Game of Thrones' actually made everyone's day yesterday when a single Starbucks cup appeared out of nowhere in a scene and became the most-talked-about cameo of the year. 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

But, obviously that's not the first mistake the show has made and it probably won't be the last (yes, I know only two episodes are left but I think HBO is capable of pulling that off). Yes, it's a huge show with more people working on it than you can count, little mistakes are bound to happen. But then again, we can look at it in a different way as well - so many people are working on this show, there should be an equal amount of people to just pay great attention to all the minute details. 

Whatever the case may be, it's still funny to see stuff like this, so here's a bunch of hilarious accidents like the coffee cup or just straight up continuity errors: 

1. Queen Of Wigs 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

How many different wigs does a Khaleesi need? At least two, apparently, in just one scene. Yes, a lot of elaborate braided hairstyles will probably be hard to keep constant, but it does kinda affect the continuity, especially to people who pay attention to everything.

2. Sansa Is A Targaryen For A Hot Second

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

Back in the first season, the opening credits did show the Targaryen sigil right next to Sophie Turner's name. Well, Sansa was a Lannister at one point, and now she's also a Targaryen.

3. Daenaerys Was Also A Lannister And Not A Targaryen At One Point 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

Well, similar mistake, again. This time, it was the Lannister sigil that showed up next to Emilia Clarke's name. Well, looks like she should add another thing to her already essay-length name.

4. That One E-Mail Notification 

Apparently, you can hear someone receiving an e-mail in the scene where Margaery Tyrell visits the orphanage back in Season three. I honestly couldn't hear anything even after putting my ear literally on my laptop's speaker. But, enough people have heard it so, it is a legit thing.

5. Where Is Catelyn Stark's Hand? 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years

Kinda a minor little problem, but hey, it's still a mistake.

6. Melisandre's Necklace 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

In season six, it's revealed that Melisandre's necklace is this magical thing that works as an anti-ageing serum for her. As soon as the red woman removes it, she turns wrinkly and old. But, a lot of people recalled that the continuity error with it since she was seen at least once without her necklace while taking a bath.

7. Stannis' Charger 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

Yes, even though they live in a world with no electricity, they still need to charge stuff.

8. Jon Snow's Rubber Sword 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

Okay fine, I agree it would be hard to carry around a large metal sword while shooting for long periods but someone should've made sure there wasn't a flaccid sword flopping around in the real scene.

9. Shireen Baratheon's Hair 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years© HBO

Back in season one when Ned Stark's head was still attached to his body, he found out about Cersei and Jamie's incestuous relationship basically because of the colour of the hair of all the Baratheon and Lannister children. Apparently, all real Baratheon children had black hair but Shireen is obviously a Baratheon with almost Lannister-like blonde hair.

10. Where Is Grenn's Sword? 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years

Bro, are you picking up the sword or not? Or did you just throw it a second after picking it up?

11. Dead Bodies Disappearing 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years

Yes, we've seen dead people walking around on this show but this obviously wasn't the case in this scene.

12. A Poor Knight Not Being Able To Handle The Sword 

Mistakes In 'Game Of Thrones' Over The Years

So sad, everyone's doing it so swiftly and flawlessly while you're just struggling and hoping no one notices.

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