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CID Officer Daya Is Back To 'Break' The Internet With These Hilarious 'Avengers' & GOT Memes

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Even before 'Game Of Thrones' or 'Avengers' series came into our lives or existence, there was one show that ruled all our hearts - 'CID'. Watching ACP Pradyuman and his officers Abhijeet and Daya crack each case with precision and catch the criminals was all we looked forward to always.

While we loved watching them do their thing, people also loved cracking jokes on Daya and his technique of entering a room. Of all the officers in the team, it was Daya who was loved by people the most for a) *Daya, Darwaza tod do* and b) his slap to make even the scariest criminal accept his crimes.

CID Officer Daya Is Back To 'Break' The Internet With These Hilarious 'Avengers' & GOT Memes

'CID' ruled the world of television for more than 20 years, before it went off-air. Now, after so many days, suddenly the internet decided to remember officer Daya in its own hilarious way. 

In case you haven't noticed already, pictured of a 'sad and upset' Daya is doing the rounds on social media, to express the meltdown they expressed after watching 'Avengers: Endgame' and the initial episodes of 'Game Of Thrones' season 8. 

Sadness at its peak after #AvengersEndgame #LokSabhaElections2019 #GameofThrones finishes.

— Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) April 27, 2019

When you want to break the door but thanos snapped people out, so there is no one to say "Daya darbaza tod"#Avengers #Thanos

— aftabð®ð³ (@biryani_babu) April 27, 2019

Pic 1: After watching #InfinityWar

Pic 2: After watching #EndGame

— ⪠Veer ⪠(@ClawedHumor) April 27, 2019

In fact, Daya's emotions are too apt to use almost anywhere. 

When there's power cut on a hot summer day.

— Anshul Mahajan (@2794_anshul) April 27, 2019

When she sends- "I love you baby!" but the message says 'Forwarded'.

— Vishesh Arora (@vishesharora19) April 27, 2019

When u are planning to take 6.30 train, reach at station by 6.25 and came to know that the train is cancelled ...#Mumbaithings#MumbaiHarbourTrains

— ð²@ã½ (@Samcasm7) April 27, 2019

When you don't get to break the door because it  was already open.

— Angoor Stark ðð®ð³ (@ladywithflaws) April 27, 2019

Pic 1 : Mummy ne kaha Papa se poocho

Pic 2 : Pappa ne kaha mummy se poocho

Pic 3 : Iss saal bhi Goa ka trip cancel ð­

— B E A C H ð (@diplomatic_bae) April 27, 2019


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