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Candid documentary about the making of For Honor is now on Netflix

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Playing Hard, a surprisingly candid documentary about the making of For Honor, is available now on Netflix. Only a year old, it seems even more timely next to recent stories of working conditions, work/life balance, and ongoing stress in the game development community.The documentary was not commissioned by Ubisoft. It’s the work of Jean-Simon Chartier, who wasn’t interested in video games as a subject per se. But he definitely noticed Ubisoft Montréal’s growing presence in the neighborhood where he worked and got curious enough about what they did to follow everyone around for several months.


"As the production team grows from 40 to 500 people, we witness the human theatre involved in creating and launching a major video game," the video description states. "In the world's biggest video game studio, a constantly growing team works on the creation of For Honor, a game that stages an epic war between Vikings, knights, and samurai. Like the game's characters, the main creators will face adversity that will take their personal lives to the breaking point.


Playing Hard only covers For Honor’s pre-release development, and therefore doesn’t provide a window into the team’s extensive work on their game after launch – its cratering player count and the subsequent efforts to bring them back. But it’s still a movingly tragic and personal story about how game development is tough work, taking its toll in the form of mental and physical illness, long hours, and sometimes crushing disappointment. Come to now, you can buy For Honor Steel Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.


“Just to give a bit of background, Jean-Simon Chartier (the film maker) had full independance when making this film, i.e. we didn't control the edit and didn't pay for it,” Duchaine said on Reddit when news of the documentary’s Netflix arrival was shared there. “The only thing we did was to open our doors and let him film and follow us. The entire film was shot over a period of 4 years.”


The production of this documentary was made possible due to an exceptional combination of circumstances. By opening the doors into the creation of a new intellectual property, Playing Hard offers a unique occasion for the viewer to plunge into the heart of the gigantic video game industry, which now surpasses Hollywood in terms of revenue. More than just a look at the production process, it delves into the human theatre involved in creating and launching a major AAA video game. The film shows the challenges, conflicts, hopes, decisions, and critical moments that pave the road to a worldwide launch.

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