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The Stan Lee Tribute In 'Captain Marvel' Is Making People Cry & Applaud The Legend

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Marvel fans are still mourning the loss of the legend that is Stan Lee and he obviously needed an amazing farewell from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they managed to pull that off with 'Captain Marvel'.

It's the first MCU movie to release after Stan's passing, so obviously, a fitting tribute was in order. Warning, slight spoiler ahead.

Remember the Marvel logo intro from every movie? With all the superheroes from the MCU? Well, a lot of people were expecting to see Captain Marvel herself join that but Marvel had something far more special planned.

It was a Stan Lee tribute, and a beautiful one at that. The intro had already made people emotional and then made them sit at the edge of their seats waiting for one of the last Stan Lee cameos ever

People on Twitter shared their reaction to that Stan Lee tribute and how everyone in the theatres started applauding almost everywhere.

They did a quick tribute to Stan Lee at the beginning of #CaptainMarvel & everyone clapped. It was beautiful.

— ð ð¤ ð ð ð (@Tanya_HanaKim) March 8, 2019

Yes, it is.

#CaptainMarvel has an awesome Stan Lee tribute, had the theater cheering from the very start.  His cameo is super well done also.

— [TCA]mutamatt (@mutamatt) March 8, 2019

Yes, please, that would be so awesome.

hey @Marvel can you please keep the opening tribute to @TheRealStanLee in every movie now because it was amazing. #CaptainMarvel

— ash (@ashtothemoon) March 8, 2019

He has a cameo is 'Endgame' as well right?

Can I just say that Stan Lee's cameo in Captain Marvel is his best.

— ð»(@SauronDark0) March 8, 2019

Everyone's reaction.

When that #CaptainMarvel intro rolled in

— Mitch Bay (@mitchkbay) March 8, 2019

He sure has.

everyone in my theater applauded after the stan lee tribute during the intro to captain marvel. and i mean EVERYONE. when i say that man has impacted so many people, i mean it.

— ððððð (@morphjng) March 8, 2019

Very appropriate.

#CaptainMarvel starts with a short tribute to Stan Lee. Very appropriate and appreciated. Most of us in the audience at @BroadNOLA clapped. #Excelsior

— Tim Ruppert ð»(@tmruppert) March 8, 2019

It really was.

Stan Lee's cameo was thee cutest thing on  #CaptainMarvel â¤ï¸

— Ivyð¿ (@misspoisenivy) March 8, 2019

Agree with everything!

Seriously can't wait for Endgame next month ð©â¤ï¸ what a way to introduce a new character & the different back stories. Nice for Marvel to do a touching tribute for the great Stan Lee in the beginning #CaptainMarvel #AvengersEndGame #RIPStanLee @brielarson you're fckn amazingð

— Charles Lyndl Reyes (@Twerkitcharles) March 8, 2019

I felt it.

When they changed the Marvel intro to images of Stan Lee for Captain Marvel

— Adam Penale (@AdamPenale) March 8, 2019

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