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The Internet Has Declared Goose The Cat As The Real Hero Of 'Captain Marvel', Sorry Brie

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The internet was originally made to just share cat pictures and memes, true story, so it's obvious that any cat can outshine anyone and anything. That's exactly what happened in 'Captain Marvel' as well.

Yes, Brie Larson was great as the most powerful superhero in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe but people thought that there was another hero in the movie that even Captain Marvel couldn't match up to - Goose the cat!

Yep, the adorable little kitty not only distracted Nick Fury as we saw in the trailers but us as well when we watched the movie. The number of people just talking about Goose after watching the movie is insane, I don't think anyone is even talking about Brie Larson that much. Sorry Brie, you're awesome but even you can't compete with a cat.

Spoiler ahead, just FYI.

Ever since Goose came on-screen, it was just an unassuming cat who ended up going to space with Nick Fury and Carol Danvers. But, then the tentacles came out. Yes, Goose was an alien, more specifically a Flerken that has tentacles that can swallow several people whole and save Nick Fury's life.

So, this is what people were talking about when they said Goose is a scene-stealer.

confirmed. goose will defeat thanos.

— captain* (@iamgeekingout) March 10, 2019


talos when people kept saying goose was a simple cat #CaptainMarvel

— marilia (@brieourguest) March 9, 2019


nick fury with avengers vs nick fury with carol and goose

— carol (@lizzieolses) March 10, 2019

I would vote for him.

Goose the Flerken Cat 2020. Stole so many scenes in #CaptainMarvel.

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) March 9, 2019

They sure did.

I just got back from watching #CaptainMarvel and no spoilers but needless to say I really enjoyed the film! Oh, and by the way, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos and Reggie as Goose “the Cat” freaking stole the show! Kudos to them and all the excitement that is to come in Avengers Endgame!

— ç¹å¥ãªåè12 (@SpecialForm12) March 8, 2019


i saw captain marvel last night and i just wanna say that i would die for goose

— Maxx Danziger  ⧠(@MaxxSIO) March 8, 2019

We need it, Marvel!

Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell was super meh. Pero like, Goose the cat was super cute tho! Can't wait for his solo movie

— EGO (@SupereeeGO) March 9, 2019


you trusted a cat named Goose#captainmarvel

— LACi Alfonzoâ¤ð» (@LACiAlfonzo) March 8, 2019

Couldn't agree more.

#CaptainMarvel the best character of the movie

— GOOSE (@GOOSEcatfood) March 8, 2019

The hero we need!

Goose the cat is my hero. #CaptainMarvel

— Tia Nicole Turman ð(@UnicornMetroid) March 9, 2019

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