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In our first decade, the Titans won 12 of the 16 matchups.

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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans at Titans The Houston Texans face off against division (and historical) foes the Tennessee Titans in Nashville this afternoon , and we’re here on Sunday morning, getting ready for day to unfold. Most wouldn’t expect a team from Tennessee to be a natural rival for a team from Texas (we’ve got the Southern Oklahoma Silver Stars to loathe and despise, as well as the Neckbeard Horseshoes) but the Titans control the Oilers’ history, and our loyalty is to Houston, and so , we rejoice in their general sh.ttiness any hope it continues for eternity. These two teams have faced one another 32 times since our inception.This is where we’re counting down until the action begins. The first quarter open thread launches at 11:45 Central Time. Until then, marinate here and discuss anything Texans-focused. 13 Thursday Night Football Live: Colts v. Patriots Less than a week after they lost in overtime to the winless Houston Texans , the Indianapolis Colts find themselves in Massachusetts to tangle with the Patriots on Thursday Night Football.If the situation somehow presents itself, do you think Frank Reich will go for it on 4th and 4 in overtime again?For all the talk about playing to win, I don’t reckon he would.Granted, maybe that’s because a tie with the Patriots on the road isn’t as bitter a pill to swallow as a tie with the Texans at home, but a tie is still a tie Youth D.J. Reader Jersey , right?If you truly want to avoid one, you’d want to avoid all of ‘em.Still, I’d be curious to see if Reich doubled down or played things differently.Back to the game tonight...I suppose Texans fans should root for the Patriots to create some distance in the AFC South standings between Indianapolis and Houston, but I’m open to discussion about that and any other thoughts about Colts-Patriots as the game unfolds in the space below.
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