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PM Modi's Mom Rode In An Auto With John Cena & This Time You Can See Him (Kinda)

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 Yes, you can't see John Cena, that's his whole deal, but he also makes exceptions, especially when it comes to PM Modi and his mother.

A picture of Modi's mother Hiraben in an autorickshaw from 2014 resurfaced recently and has gotten people on Twitter talking for a weird reason. So, this is my theory – she took an auto ride with John Cena, but turns out you can only see his hand. After all, he has to live up to his famous line.

(just kidding)

PM Modi's Mom Rode In An Auto With John CenaTwitter

The photo was shared by a BJP minister to highlight the fact that even the Prime Minister's mother uses an auto and to show everyone how humble he actually is. It was also a dig at Rahul Gandhi saying how his mother is the world's fourth wealthiest politician.

Our Beloved PM Shri @narendramodi 's Mother is still travelling in Auto, While @RahulGandhi 's Mother is the World's 4th Wealthiest Politician!#NarendraModi

— Vijay Sampla MoS (@vijay_sampla) May 4, 2018

Whatever the intention of the picture was, Vijay Sampla should have taken a hard look at the picture before posting. Did you notice anything weird? Like that hand on her arm? When no one could have been possibly holding her arm?

PM Modi's Mom Rode In An Auto With John Cena

Yep, right there.

Was that auto haunted? It's obviously a bad photoshop job but how cool it would've been if autos could get haunted.

Looks like this tweet throwing shade at Congress massively backfired. Remember the whole deal that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all? He should've followed that here.

And, then he was obviously called out because it's such a big photoshop fail.

How proud these BJP leaders feel sharing photoshopped photos. Not their fault actually, sycophancy is the only way one can rise in Modi's BJP.

— Jas Oberoi (@iJasOberoi) May 5, 2018

It's clearly photoshopped man.

Many here were questioning about the hand holding Narendra Modi's Mother. But no, it's not Photoshoped. Looks like the hand is of the lady in pic (2,3)

— Unofficial Sususwamy (@swamv39) May 5, 2018


See the "hand of Godse"

— Punster® (@Pun_Starr) May 5, 2018

Good point.

Actually, it would be nice if the respected PM could ensure his mom traveled in as much comfort as he does.

— Kiran Manral (@KiranManral) May 6, 2018

Yes, please.

Atleast use a better photoshop professional for ur next tweet! I mean seriously! ðð

— Arpit Bikram Das (@abdas452) May 5, 2018

And, now the best reaction.

Our Beloved PM Shri Narendra Modi  still driving  Auto ð

— Chhota Chaiwala (@roflchaiwala) May 5, 2018

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