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The Apple iPhone 8 Will Most Probably Have Wireless Charging

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The iPhone 7 is a brilliant phone where they were very serious about wireless audio as their prime source of audio entertainment. They removed the headphone jack and, call it courageous, even though it isn’t and they are now planning to remove the wired charging altogether. 

The Nikkei claims that Foxconn, which handles the most of iPhone’s manufacturing for Apple, is now experimenting and testing out wireless charging modules that are believed to be the key feature on the 10th Anniversary edition of the iPhone. It’s not certain if it will make it to the iPhone 8 as they still need to figure out a way to make the modules cost effective for Apple. 

It was rumoured that the iPhone 8 will come out in three different sizes, and we cannot ignore the fact that it might even feature wireless charging. 

Wireless charging has been implemented by other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG and what Apple will come up with still remains to be seen. Traditional wireless charging requires the phone to be placed on a charging pad. However, Bloomberg reports that Apple might be looking into a different method. They want to charge iPhones from a greater distance and they also want it to be able to charge without ever placing it on the wireless charging pad. Let’s see what they come up with! 

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