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This Japanese Whiskey Has Been Sold For A Goddamn Rs 89 Lakhs

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The world’s getting out of hands. While you plead your bro to buy you drinks this time, a man went ahead and bought a bottle of whiskey for a freaking 1.03 million Hong Kong Dollars.

This is the Yamakazi 50. It was Japan’s most expensive whiskey and now it’s the world’s most expensive whiskey.

Japanese Whiskey Sold For Rs 89 Lakhs© YouTube

Sold at a Hong Kong Spirits auctions, the Suntory’s YAMAKAZI 50 was the most expensive alcohol in Japan since 2005, the year it appeared in the market. Its recent sale for an unfathomable 1.03 million Hong Kong Dollars has made it the most expensive standard format bottle whiskey in the history. Yamakazi 50 has been aged for 50 years and this prolonged ageing has given it a distinct sweet-and-sour character a musky, sandalwood-like aroma. Also, there are only 250 of these bottles, and that fact makes it even more rare.

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