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This Theka On Wheels Is How Punjab Is Dealing With The SC Liquor Ban On Highway Bars andamp Liquor Stores

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The SC ban liquor ban has led to sleepless nights for everyone affected by it.  People are losing business, while others are facing a buzz kill, but trust the Punjabis to have a solution to this booze trouble. A video has been doing the rounds which show a bar on wheels. Yep, you got that right. It’s a truck and that’s actually a ‘theka’ on the move.

theka on wheels’ is how Punjab is dealing with the SC liquor ban© YouTube

The person behind the camera is even running a full commentary while he asks for a drink! There’s a fridge and a huge choice of alcohol to choose from. The highway liquor stores are facing a crunch and many pubs and bars that lie on the highway are changing their entry to beat the distance ban. Talk about some real jugaad!

theka on wheels’ is how Punjab is dealing with the SC liquor ban© Twitter

While no one knows that for how long will this ‘car-o-bar ‘ will survive, the Punjab people are winning the game like a boss! 

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