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Mumbais Kaali-Peeli Taxis Getting An App Will Save Your A** From Paying Those Hefty Surge Prices

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We have made ourselves so comfortable around technology that even the smallest of things are ordered using an app. So when it came to booking cabs and taxis, how can we stay far behind and restrain ourselves from taking the privileges that apps like Ola and Uber bring with it. In the rest of country, while we can still travel in cabs, when it comes to Mumbai, one just cannot miss out on travelling in the Kaali-Peeli taxis. The vintage charm of those taxis is unmatched in front of the innumerable fancy cabs. The Kaali-Peeli taxis are synonymous with the identity of Mumbai and now they are going digital and we just don’t know how to hold on to our excitement. Well, now booking the taxi will become super easy for us.

Mumbai’s Kaali-Peeli Taxis To Soon Get An App© BCCL

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis recently said in the state Legislative Council that the Kaali-Peeli taxis will soon start operating through a mobile app and most probably this app will be designed and ready for use within three months. According to a report published in The Free Press Journal, Fadnavis said “The application will be helpful to passengers and to taxi drivers, as nowadays Ola and Uber provide services through a mobile application. This helps these service providers easily reach out to the passengers as it is accessible on their mobile phone.” This move comes after NCP legislator, Hemant Takle raised the issue.

Mumbai’s Kaali-Peeli Taxis To Soon Get An App© Facebook

Further the safety and security concerns of the users have been kept in mind as the vehicle is continuously tracked by the company. While, we talk about the tracking the vehicle, the arrogant behaviour of some drivers is also a concern for the authorities. Reportedly, there are nearly 30 lakh Kaali-Peeli taxis on the road, so introduction of the app will definitely be a huge step towards development.

On days when Ola or Uber decides to f**k our lives by being unavailable or when the surge prices create holes in our pockets; at times when it becomes extremely hard to find a taxi in the scorching heat, this app can really come to our rescue. Further, while we were reconsidering our relationship with the autos, now that these taxis are going digital, we can at least hope to save a few extra bucks to spend lavishly at the restaurant we might be heading at.

Source: The Free Press Journal 

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