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Ranveer Singh Revealed He Wasnt Happy With The Befikre Promos Showing Him Making Out All Over Paris

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Aditya Chopra’s third film in 21 years and unarguably the boldest venture by Yash Raj Films, ‘Befikre’ has been creating headlines for months now with every song and promo, the reason mostly being Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor’s kisses.

Ranveer Singh Unhappy With The Promos Of ‘Befikre’© YRF

Let’s admit it. The film does look like innovation was the last thing on the director’s mind. It’s the same old guy-and-girl-meet-at-a-foreign-location-and-have-NSA-fun we recently saw in Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Tamasha' too. The promos and the trailer received a lot of flak by the audience for offering absolutely nothing new and fitting in way too many unnecessary kisses to compensate.

Ranveer Singh Unhappy With The Promos Of ‘Befikre’© YRF

Ranveer Singh appeared on Anupama Chopra’s talk show along with Vaani Kapoor and admitted that the ‘Befikre’ promo did make the film look frivolous. The revelation came when Anupama Chopra asked “Who are these people and why are they making out all over Paris?” “Can we ask the guy who cut the promo why he’s cut the promo like this?” Ranveer replied.

Ranveer Singh Unhappy With The Promos Of ‘Befikre’© Youtube

Ranveer Singh admitted that he wasn’t very happy with the promo himself. He was mad, in fact, at the editor over the content of the ‘Befikre’ trailer. ‘I had a big tiff with him when he showed me the promo before putting it out. I was like “Why are you presenting it this way?”’ 

Ranveer Singh Unhappy With The Promos Of ‘Befikre’© Youtube

“But he has a clear choice to underpromise and overdeliver and he wants everyone to discover the film as they watch it. He doesn’t want to give anything away.” He went on to add, promising that there’s a whole film in there.

But he did agree that it was justified for people to think ‘Befikre’ had nothing to offer apart from PDA.

“There was immense amount of craft in what’s a seemingly frivolous film. But yeah, if you’re gonna cut promos like that, people are bound to feel that,” he added.

Ranveer Singh Unhappy With The Promos Of ‘Befikre’© Youtube

Well let’s hope ‘Befikre’ surprises us with its story line and performances! 

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