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This Bishop Claims To Increase Penis Size By Massaging It. Yes The World Is A Bizarre Place Indeed

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If size does matter and if you are facing some, err..trouble with it then you’ll be either amazed or simply confused with this news. A Bishop in Ghana claims to increase the penis size of a man, simply by massaging it. Not kidding!

Bishop Daniel Obinim in Ghana claims to increase the penis size by massaging it© YouTube

Daniel Obinim has many videos of him massaging men, grabbing their crotches and helping them with this absurd trend. The man even has his own channel which airs these bizarre happenings. “What do you want that I can’t offer? If you want big buttocks I can do it for you. If you want big breasts, I can help. If you have a small manhood, I can change them all when I come to the spiritual realm”, he says. Yeah, we’re falling for this!

He is the founder of the International God’s Way Church in the Ashanti region of Ghana, and has earned a lot of flak for his outlandish practices. He even claims to help women increase their breast size by, yes, you guessed it right. By massaging them!

Talk about crazy, this guy has got the insane market cornered!

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