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Keralas Internet Game Is Spot On Man Exchanges Wedding Vows Online From Saudi Arabia As He Didnt Get Leave

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When you are denied from taking leaves for your own wedding, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Discuss with family members and shift the wedding dates or kneel down in front of your boss and beg him to grant a leave when there are no options left (yes we exaggerated there)? But, we will definitely not try to do something that Harris did, attending his own wedding online. 

We can understand watching it live online when you can’t make it to your friends’ or family members’ weddings, but exchanging wedding vows online is definitely one of its kind. Harris is a native of Kollam, Kerala who works in Saudi Arabia. Because of work commitments, he could not take his leaves and ended up watching his own wedding via a webcam. This video was posted by Kairali News Online.     

His sister tied the knot and the sacred thread around the bride’s neck and performed all the traditional roles on his behalf, while their friends and families were present in full attendance to bless the couple. Apparently, Muslims across the world are known to conduct such weddings, where the nikah takes place either over the phone or with a photograph. However, their validity is still a debated issue. 

Harris works as a marketing manager in a private company in Saudi Arabia and his bride whose name is Shamla Makkayil, works as a nurse in a government hospital. This is definitely going to be one of the coolest weddings of this year, not even the grand Rs. 500 crore wedding can beat this unique nuptial ceremony.

Source: Indian Express

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