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A 70-Year-Old Farmer From Tamil Nadu Dies Of A Heart Attack While Waiting For Cash At The Bank

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A 70 year old man from Vazhkai village of Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu suffered a heart attack while waiting in line for cash, at a bank in Papanasam, Tamil Nadu. The man who has been identified as M Subramanian came to the bank on Saturday with his wife, Thaiyal Nayagi. He collapsed soon after he received the bank challan to withdraw money and died some minutes later in the arms of his wife as bank work was carried on uninterrupted. 

A 70-Year-Old Farmer From Tamil Nadu Dies Of A Heart Attack While Waiting For Cash At The Bank© Twitter

“We are told that he stood in line for a long time. He collapsed immediately after he was given the bank challan to withdraw cash. There was a huge crowd since morning,” “Our officers arrived at the spot and called the doctor. But it was too late, efforts to revive him failed. He died on the floor, next to the counter.” Claimed an inspector from Papanasam Police station. 

“We arranged the ambulance,” said the officer. Later bank sources revealed that Subramanian had withdrawn money before he collapsed. He withdrew Rs 4000. Subramanian died after he completed procedures to withdraw around Rs 4,000, said bank sources.

“His account had around Rs 17,000. We were told that he had to skip breakfast as he had to come all the way from his village,” said the officer.

More than 80 people have died so far in banks and ATM lines after the declaration of demonetization. Subramanian had three daughters and a farm to look after. Had he been provided aid immediately, he could have survived.

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