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Pornhub Had Launched Its First Music Video And Its Not As Dirty As Youd Expect

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Pornhub dove into the music business headfirst in 2014 when it launched a music service called Pornhub records which featured a contest to create the definitive Pornhub anthem. Finally after two years, Pornhub has launched its first music video! The video features American rapper Mykki Blanco and artist Jean Deaux and is called ‘Loner’. 

Pornhub Had Launched Its First Music Video

This video is not to be watched by epileptic patients and contains a warning at the beginning, for the same. It’s supposedly a very trippy video and the producers are even saying that you might get a headache if you watch it too much. Pornhub giving someone a headache! Well, that’s a first.

Pornhub Had Launched Its First Music Video

In an interview with The Guardian, the Vice President of Pornhub, Corey Price, said “our unique platform enables musicians to reach a more diverse audience. When artists premiere videos on our platform, they open up additional avenues through which they garner exposure and visibility,”  

 Is diversion from hardcore porn videos a smart move or not?  Time will tell!

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