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Arjun Kapoor Reacted To A Disgusting Headline About His Deceased Mother andamp Twitter Came Together To Support Him

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We are all aware of how sometimes the media doesn’t understand the definition of sensitivity and can go to any limits to get the desired clicks and hits. This time Arjun Kpoor became the victim of an immensely sickening headline that included his deceased mother. Twitterati’s sirens went off and many celebrities, friends and fans came forward in his support after Arjun Himself tweeted out about how distasteful and insensitive the newspaper’s headline was.

I don't normally react to what's written about me but for a man who's lost his mother I find this headline highly distasteful & insensitive.

— Arjun Kapoor (@arjunk26) November 27, 2016 1. Sad Indeed!

@arjunk26 yuk, what the fu*k? Why are such people even allowed to write on a public medium. This is just so sad.

— BADSHAH (@Its_Badshah) November 27, 2016 2. We totally agree!

This is absolutely infuriating. These insensitive idiots have no heart. Stay strong brother. @arjunk26

— Shekhar Ravjiani (@ShekharRavjiani) November 27, 2016 3. They really should be ashamed

@arjunk26 Shame ... very very Insensitive... ?

— RJ ALOK (@OYERJALOK) November 27, 2016 4. Well deserved reaction-

@arjunk26 this goes well to them ? stay positive arjun! It's really bad of them & I am sure they will regret.

— aarsh (@ranjunforever_x) November 27, 2016 5. We hope so too-

@arjunk26 I'm soo sorry you had to go through this & be a target of their negative journalism..I seriously hope this changes soon..

— Shilps ❤️ (@shilps86) November 27, 2016 6. Amen!

@arjunk26 Agree with you totally.Amidst the race of finding headlines,sensitivity & humanity is totally lost. Journalism needs reforms now.

— Dr. Swapna Patker (@drswapnapatker) November 28, 2016 7. This should help!

@arjunk26 and as your baba @RanveerOfficial says ???

— Darshna (@_Darshna_) November 27, 2016 8. All of us are human beings after all-

@arjunk26 people forget that actors are also human beings.. very insensitive indeed..

— Jancie D'Mello (@JancieDMello) November 27, 2016

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