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Instagram Will Notify Everyone When You Take A Screenshot Of A Direct Message andamp People Are Losing Their Sh*t

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We all have taken screenshots of each other’s pictures, private messages and chats. We started from the good old Facebook messenger, right up to when Snapchat entered our lives. Putting up stories, sending private snaps that dissolve in 10 seconds, life was beautiful, right? Until the onus shifted to Instagram which is the perfect amalgam of Facebook and Snapchat.

Instagram Will Notify Everyone When You Take A Screenshot Of A Direct Message & People Are Losing Their Sh*t© Instagram

This Thanksgiving week saw Instagram post their latest update and a lot of people are not at all thankful for it. After it upped its cool quotient by allowing you to put stories a la Snapchat and it allowed you to go live just like Facebook, the new update threw a major bomb at its users. Now, every time you take a screenshot of a direct message sent to you, Instagram will notify the sender. YUSS! Seriously! 

Instagram now notifies if someone takes a screenshot. Be careful @silverbtf

— Travis (@travlim) November 24, 2016


"now instagram sends you a notification when someone screenshots your photos."

— amber. (@DAMNBlEBERS) November 26, 2016

The only sign of relief is that you are spared of notifications when you screenshot an Instagram story or a picture from the profile. So now, no more snapping screenshots and sharing it with your friends, huh? Shit happens, but you gotta deal with it. 

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