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You Wont Believe Why Photographs Of Thousands Of Missing Children Are Being Printed On Water Bottles in China

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Speaking of crimes around the world, children are always the first to suffer. They are kidnapped and sold in the black market for a number of trades and go through a gruesome time. Prostitution and organ trade are two of the most talked about issues affecting kids all over the world. 

According to a recent report by the National Crime Records Bureau, 1 lakh children go missing in India every year. As per International Centre for Missing And Exploited Children approximately 460,000 children go missing every year in the United States and 112,853 children go missing in the United Kingdom. Staggering numbers, right? 

China is finding its missing children by printing photographs on water bottles© Facebook/CCTV News

With a number of International Organisations lined up with an agenda to protect children, it all seems to work but not at a great pace. They say when bigger initiatives fail, smaller ones can easily make a difference. A Quingdao (a province in China) based company selling bottled water in China is setting an example. They have collaborated with ‘’ an online data base to locate missing children. The company has started manufacturing water bottles with pictures of missing children on them with their parent’s details with an objective to contact the family once the kids are found. Their slogan for the initiative is ‘Baby Come Home’. 

China is finding its missing children by printing photographs on water bottles© Facebook/CCTV News

The company is all set to launch 500,000 bottles which will be circulated at the airports, railway stations and supermarkets.  According to CCTV News, China, “The initiative is akin to an attempt from 1979 when a bereaved father of six-year-old boy in New York City printed his son’s photo and information on milk cartons and distributed to neighbours, hoping he could be found. However, after 20 years, the boy was declared legally dead.”

With the world going crazy over Trumps presidential win and the international chatter about environment, the change can start with getting our basics right. The welfare of children is one of the few things we should really keep our eyes out for.

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