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This Brutal Story Of Pakistani Men Beating And Raping Helpless Transgenders Will Make You Cry

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There still exists a stratum of society that, repeatedly by their actions, puts humanity to shame. Acts so gruesome that they will damage you emotionally. A group of shameless Pakistani men recently did something that will make you rethink about your faith in humanity. 

Here, take a look at this video. If this doesn’t hurt you to the core, it’s hard to say what will.

In Pakistan, minorities, be it religious or racial, aren’t only ignored but are particularly picked and tormented. The video above shows a man, named Jajja Butt, brutally whipping the life out of a helpless transgender. Lashing her with a belt on her rear, the man shows no mercy. The worse thing is that he’s not alone, he has company. The video went viral a couple of days back and rightfully so, the internet is doing everything possible to nab these men. 

The story isn’t as much as you can see in the video though. This is just a small part of the hell that these men wreaked on the transgender. A brave trans woman who was present throughout the above episode came out with a video with details that will shock you to the core. 

The woman in the video above clearly states that that Jajja Butt and his friends raped them, made them drink their urine and spat in their faces. This is not the first time the Pakistani trans community has raised their voice against such cruelty. Earlier this year, a known Pakistani trans activist was shot and a hospital in Peshawar refused to admit her because they were ‘confused which ward she should be kept in’. The woman lost her life. With all this power of the internet at our disposal, if we don’t help them now, we wouldn’t be able to help them ever.

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