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5 Best 10-Minute Workouts That Will Leave A Beginner Sore & Satisfied

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Busy, busy, busy, are we?! Look, we understand that your schedule is tight and your 9 to 5 job leaves you with no energy.  

But if you’re trying to amp up your routine and get back into the fitness game, remember to have fun. Don’t wait for your trainer to treat you like a newbie. Learn your moves in advance. 

We’re not here to tell you which workout should be your go-to and which exercises you should say no to. But investing an hour a day in exercises you don’t like is no less than a punishment. 

What if we ask you to try 10-minute workouts for beginners? That sounds doable. Get comfortable with these and then, we’ll talk about keeping it short but making it intense.






Cooldown & Stretch 

It’s very important to slow down your heart rate and stretch out your muscles before you wrap up your workout. 

Start with the cross body (side to side), followed by torso twist, chest stretch and full-body stretch.

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