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‘Titanic’ Has An Alternative Ending Which Is Upsetting Fans After 24 Years Of Its Release

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If you don’t like or haven’t watched Titanic about a dozen times in your life, you are already eligible for that one-way mission to Mars, whenever that happens. This iconic movie is not just a record holder in terms of the accolades and the awards that came its way, but it's been a part of our growing up. It also paved the way for the pious friendship goals Leonardo and Kate Winslet set for everyone. So it's natural that this is not a movie, it's an emotion, a part of history which no one dares to mess with.

Now what if we tell you that the makers had indeed shot an alternative ending to the story and recently, it got viral after someone shared it on social media and also mentioned how they feel about it (read: not good). If you jog your memory, the original movie has an old Rose throwing off the gigantic heart-shaped necklace into the ocean as she lingers in memory, staring into some sort of an abyss. Remember? Okay, so the alternative ending is slightly different and has her doing the same, except, she is surrounded by a crew as well. Watch this:

The alternate ending to Titanic is hilarious. This would have absolutely ruined the film for me

— Pat Brennan (@patbrennan88) February 16, 2021

This video has suddenly gone viral on the internet and fans are actually not happy. I mean, this looks more like a BTS to me, TBH.

The only way this could’ve been worse is if there was a shot of the jewellery reaching the bottom of the ocean and landing in the hand of a skeleton wearing Jack’s clothes lmao

— Philip (@TheWatcherIsBae) February 18, 2021

Imagine if he grabs it and runs away or the beard man throws the old lady in the sea. 🤣🤣

— Sumit G (@SsumitG) February 20, 2021

I can’t stop laughing. Seriously that ending would have sucked but watching it now just cracks me up. Bill Paxton had the look like he was going to push Rose over the edge and take off with the jewel

— Tyler Ellis (@TylerMageeEllis) February 20, 2021

Exactly. This ending would have been the iceberg that would have sunk "Titanic" the movie.

— Saala Desi (@saaladesi) February 21, 2021

The whole squeaky act got us cringing, actually! So glad this wasn’t the original choice and the makers went with what we saw on the screen. I wonder what James Cameron would say if he compared the two endings now and mused on what this silly joke was.

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