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Robert Vadra Cycles To Work To Protest Against High Fuel Prices & Gets Brutally Trolled Online

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Robert Vadra, businessman and son-in-law of Congress’ President Sonia Gandhi, bashed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the hike in the prices of petrol which has become the topic of concern for everyone. He attacked him and said that he should come out of his air-conditioned cars and see people's real suffering.

"You (PM) must come out from A/C cars and see how people are suffering and perhaps then you would reduce fuel prices. All he does is blame others' previous government for everything and move on," Vadra said while speaking to ANI. “For everything Prime Minister blames United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and the previous government. If something goes wrong then my name will be raised. He always blames others and keeps going," he added.

You (PM) must come out from A/C cars & see how people are suffering & perhaps then you'd reduce fuel prices...All he does is blame others (previous govts) for everything & move on: Robert Vadra

— ANI (@ANI) February 22, 2021

He went on to add, “What Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said was right that they (BJP) only think about two people. To feel the problem and pain of common people one has to come on the road.”

In order to drive his point home, he chose to ride a bicycle and told ANI, “If I have to be people's voice then first I have to ride a bicycle to feel their pain then only I can make their voice strong. We can only request Prime Minister to look into the matter.” He rode his bike from his Sujan Singh Park residence to his Sukhdev Vihar office. The pictures of him riding a bike have started to go viral on social media.

Delhi: Robert Vadra rides bicycle from Khan Market to his office in protest against the rising fuel prices

— ANI (@ANI) February 22, 2021

People started to bash him for being fake and called his stunt a gimmick.

#robertvadra ji ..desh ko #pollution free ,#fuel conservation or #fitness/#cycling ke prati jagrat karte hue

Bas apki security k liye jo Cars piche dheere dheere chal rahi thi ..matlab gear kam change hua matlab jyada #petrol barbaad hua hoga matlab ye sab photos Notanki

— Taruna Gautam (@tarug60) February 22, 2021

I never seen Mr Roberts Vadra travel in bicycle in UPA government.
His entire family and extended families were getting VIP security. That's waste of money.#RobertVadra

— Prophet Of Truth (સત્ય પ્રબોધક) (@janak_pandit) February 22, 2021

Protest of fokatpanti by #RobertVadra @priyankagandhi

— Jai Kishan Kharat (@jkkharat) February 22, 2021

land cruiser ka kaafila peeche rakhke ...Khud suit pehenke cycle chale rahe hain in protest of Fuel price ....Miya Woh land cruiser ka kaafila dhakka maarke chala rahe kya #robertvadra

— Abhijit Sawant (@abyjyth) February 22, 2021

what has this goon, landgrabber #RobertVadra has to do with #politics ? A thug who got into ghandy family and now dreaming about ruling #India ...buaahhh

— Bholenath (@Machiavelliagh9) February 22, 2021

Another video has surfaced online and is starting to go viral. It shows one of the anchors who was interviewing him, fell down from the bicycle.

Mausami Singh gir gayi.. aur bhi zyada

— mthn (Climate Change Activist) (@Being_Humor) February 22, 2021

People didn’t spare the anchor either and made fun of her on Twitter.

Khud gimmick kar rahi

Itna bada kaun sa pakoda hai Vadra ka ki 2 min ruk ke interview nai de sakta??

— Ira (#Amaltaas) (@IAmaltaas) February 22, 2021

Yeh pehle se hi giri hui hai

— Apurv Gupta 🇮🇳 (@Apurvgupta_3) February 22, 2021

Art director se stunt director baan gayi yeh

— Apurv Gupta 🇮🇳 (@Apurvgupta_3) February 22, 2021

Kitna giregi ye bahen !

— Gopal Goswami (@gopugoswami) February 22, 2021

What do you have to say about this entire episode? Is it a gimmick or are his points legit? Let us know in the comments below.

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