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The Undertaker Has Finally Retired & 90s Kids Who Grew Up Watching Him Are Feeling Very Emotional

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For everyone who has grown up watching World Wrestling Entertainment, it's a sad, sad day. 

The Undertaker has finally retired after a long and enviable career as a professional wrestler and people are bidding farewell to the legend.

The Undertaker Retires & People Are Feeling Emotional © WWE

Mark William Calaway, better known as The Undertaker announced his retirement yesterday and since then, people have been feeling way too emotional about his departure from the sport.

"My time has come to let The @undertaker rest ... in ... peace." #SurvivorSeries #FarewellTaker #Undertaker30

— WWE (@WWE) November 23, 2020

A generation of people grew up watching WWE when it was actually WWF, and wrestling provided them with the perfect balance of violence and entertainment for everyone. 

Some of these wrestlers were people's first heroes and it's hard to let that go.

The final bell tolls... #ThankYou

— Undertaker (@undertaker) November 23, 2020 Thanking him for all the memories over the years, people are saying bye to him.

There are none better than & like him. #ThankYouTaker!

— Ananthpatel (@Ananthpatel441) November 23, 2020 Yes!

Thanks for the memories #ThankYouTaker

🖤Austin🖤 (@RatedRAustin_) November 23, 2020 So wholesome.

Thank You for giving us 30 Years of Greatness. Of course not only the greatest wrestling character and performer, but the greatest Man in Entertainment history, #ThankYouTaker.

— #ThankYouTaker ⚱️ (@WWEYazanTaker) November 23, 2020 Hmm.

Did you really thought Undertaker was dead in a coffin and then he came out of the dead just to strangle a wrestler? Or when a couple decided in the ring who will have the cutody of their baby? Really? LUL

— Sebas Cabrera (@MrOjitos1) November 24, 2020 So many good wishes.

Thank you @undertaker for making our childhood awesome 🥰 sir you are the true gem of entertainment we wish you good and healthy future ahead #ThankYouTaker love you sir always 🥰

— Ashwani Chauhan (@Ashwani79294823) November 24, 2020 The impact.

He was one of the big reasons I liked and preferred wearing black or dark colored clothing...

— Lumina Shirai ️‍️ Bumbleby 復讐者 (@kabuki_bee16) November 24, 2020 The Rock's tribute.

30yrs ago today, he made his iconic #SurvivorSeries debut.
Like EVERYONE - I was in awe as a rookie in the @WWE when his first words pierced my soul as he walked in the dressing room and said, “Muthafucka” True story
Honored to share the ring w you, my brother. #ThankYouTaker

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) November 22, 2020 Aww.

The Undertaker : "My time has come to let The Undertaker Rest In Peace."

Me who grew up watching him:#ThankYouTaker #FarewellTaker

— Rasik (@RasikBhatman) November 23, 2020 Definitely.

The GOAT-in and out of the ring. #ThankYouTaker

— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) November 23, 2020 Yep.

Chills. #ThankYouTaker

— Nikki Cross (@NikkiCrossWWE) November 23, 2020 For sure.

This picture will go down in the history books. This is a legacy. This is respect. This is honor. This is loyalty. This is love. This is passion. This is the Phenom. This is the Deadman. This is The Undertaker. #ThankYouTaker #Undertaker30 #SurvivorSeries

— Shivam Jain (@Shivamjain013) November 23, 2020 What a career!

#ThankYouTaker what a career! What a man. Phenom.

— Dave Mastiff ‘Hoss of Hosses’ (@DaveMastiff) November 23, 2020

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