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We Finally Have Our First Look At Cyberpunk 2077 Running On PlayStation 5 & It Looks Mightly Smooth

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Last week, CD Projekt Red showed us how Cyberpunk 2077 runs on Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X. Now, we have our first look at the game running on a PS4 Pro and the new PS5. The studio has released new gameplay showing the gameplay captured on a PS4 Pro and a PS5.

For this video, CD Projekt Red decided to showcase a portion of gameplay from right at the start of the adventure. The video shows us footage from an early portion of the Nomad lifepath. Before we talk about the gameplay we suggest you check out the video yourself -

The video starts with a glimpse of Cyberpunk 2077's character customization and it continues with a vehicular tour of the Night City on the PS4 Pro. This is where we start to get a feel for the RPG elements in-game, having to interact with the NPCs.

The video then takes us to Night City where we're shown a piece of footage captured on the PS5. You'll be looking at an intense car chase through the rain-drenched streets of the Night City. It was an action-packed scene with a lot happening but we didn't see any noticeable frame drops.

We Finally Have Our First Look At Cyberpunk 2077 Running On PlayStation 5 © CD Projekt Red

Overall, the game looks absolutely gorgeous on both consoles. And the fact that it'll only get better with a dedicated next-gen version for both PS5 and the Xbox Series X has us super excited too.

We expect to see more reveals happening throughout the coming weeks as CD Projekt Red prepares for the big release on December 10. We can't wait to play it.

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