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Benedict Cumberbatch Just Trolled Apple As He Presented A andamplsquoCool Toilet In This Ad

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We’ve all heard about cool and smart toilets that Japan is known for. You have all sorts of buttons that will help you do unthinkable things. Well, over the weekend Dr. Strange and SNL made sure they mocked Apple’s style of over-the-top advertisements, which are sometimes underwhelming and iterative. 

Benedict Cumberbatch presented an extremely funny ad where he unveiled a new ad in the same style as Apple’s iconic 1984 ad.  Just like in the well known ad, we see marching conformists and they are seated with a cistern behind them. The sketch then quickly fast-forwards to the present day and this extremely blunt parody takes things up a notch. The Apple Toilet comes in Jet Black. 

Cumberbatch then enters with a hammer and starts using it in order to ‘unbox’ the toilet. This cool toilet or rather Cumberbatch then drops his pants and sits on this new cool toilet or rather ‘The Koohl Toilet by Kohler”.  

What follows in this sketch is for you to see. Let’s just say, Cumberbatch looked mighty awesome as he sat on the iThrone. 


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