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Here's Everything We Need To Know About Magsafe On The iPhone 12 & How It Works

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Apple's new iPhones are finally here and they bring a lot of new features to the table. One of them is MagSafe. If you've owned an older-generation MacBook, then you'd know exactly what MagSafe is. MagSafe was Apple's cool charging solution for the MacBook which used a pair of magnets.

The advantage of MagSafe over the conventional charger is that these ones just snap-on when you take the charger near the charging port. So if you left your MacBook for charging on your desk and someone tipped over your charging cable, then the charger would just disconnect instead of pulling your MacBook along with it.

Everything We Need To Know About Magsafe On The iPhone 12 © Apple

Apple ditched MagSafe in favor of USB-C in 2016. But hey, it's coming back to the iPhones now and we're glad that it's here. Your iPhone 12 will still primarily charge via the lighting port. You can also use a wireless charging solution if you want. The MagSafe is just another option.

MagSafe For iPhone

Apple will be selling MagSafe chargers that will snap on the back of your iPhone. Thanks to the circular array of magnets on both the phone and the charger, this should work without any issues. You'll simply be able to take your charger near the back of your iPhone and it'll snap on and start charging.

Future Of Charging?

Everything We Need To Know About Magsafe On The iPhone 12 © Apple

MagSafe on iPhone, for now, is just another way to charge your phones. However, we totally see this becoming the primary way to charge your iPhones in the future. Apple has already removed the charging adapter from the box. We're hearing rumors that the company wants to make iPhones without any ports.

We love magnetic charging solutions and we're all in for this new MagSafe charging for iPhone. We can't wait to see the various implementations of the MagSafe in the future.

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