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#BoycottLaxmmiBomb Takes Over Twitter As Thousands Of People Are Calling Out Akshay Kumar

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In the last few days, people of India have really shown how tolerant they are. The entire fiasco with a Tanishq ad showing a happy family celebrating together caused so much uproar online, it was enough proof that we're regressing as a society.

And now, another movie is getting boycotted for hurting religious sentiments. Yep, that's the only reason anything gets boycotted these days.

#BoycottLaxmmiBomb Takes Over Twitter © Fox Star Studios

What's surprising is that the people of the country seem to have turned against Akshay Kumar. 

With #ShameOnAkshayKumar and #BoycottLaxmmiBomb being the biggest trends of the day, people are really not happy with the actor or the movie.

Apparently, one of the problems people have is that the movie is about a possessed transwoman who has a Trishul in hand and goes by the pseudonym Asif. 

Uh oh. First problem, don't they know that communal harmony is not allowed here?

Secondly, people have a problem with 'love jihad', yet again, because Asif's girlfriend is Priya. Well, this is basically a repeat of the Tanishq controversy.

There was already a big problem with the movie, which was a straight person playing a trans character, but I guess everyone was just okay with the real problem and found other ways to show outrage.


Bollywood intentionally insult our goodness laxmi ma ..& this loop is continue..
have a dare to replace it with common Muslim women..#BoycottLaxmmiBomb

— Mukesh Amrito (@imkamrito) October 16, 2020

An inclusive one maybe? Ignoring the obvious problem with Akshay playing a trans character.

Iske trailer ko dislike aur
Aur isko twitter aur insta p unflow kro

— raju pandey (@Rajpand00566946) October 16, 2020


What kind of culture this film industry promoting. #boycottbollywood #BoycottLaxmmiBomb

— A.Pradeep (@Pradeeprcr) October 16, 2020


Can You Rename "LuxmiBomb" To "SalmaBomb" or "AyeshaBomb"?

A Fake Nationlist @akshaykumar #ShameOnUAkshayKumar#BoycottLaxmmiBomb

— Arpita Jana (@arpispeaks) October 16, 2020

But, boycotting firecrackers is a good idea, we don't need the pollution.

For decades people have tarnished the name of their Goddess Laxmi by putting the Goddess picture on a fire cracker and bursting it At that time no one raised their voice or no one asked to boycott any of these items. Stop being a hypocrite #BoycottLaxmmiBomb

— Roshan Robert (@KingRoshR) October 16, 2020

Karma? Karma.

After Boycotting Tata bhakt's are boycotting Akshay

Tata & Akshay have been biggest supporter of BJP, They funded and promoted hate and bigotry now it's time they pay for their sins #WeLoveUAkshayKumar #BoycottLaxmmiBomb

— Political__Dr (@Political__Dr) October 16, 2020


Laxmi Bomb

They will not dare to make a movie with their god name associated with bomb.

Using Hindu actors to condition Hindu minds to insult goddess name.@Voice_For_India @RituRathaur @KanganaTeam @Swamy39 @RSSorg @OpIndia_in #BoycottLaxmmiBomb #BoycottBollywood

— Satyamev Jayate (@Dharma_News) October 16, 2020


Hey @akshaykumar
We have so much respect for u despite being a Canadian citizen , and u played with our religious feeling. My foot #BoycottLaxmmiBomb #ShameOnUAkshayKumar

— Brand Rajat ⚔ *TPN* (@Brand_Rajat) October 16, 2020

Okay then.

Why they disabled like /dislike in the trailer if their motion poster got more likes?
They should have confidence 🤣

— Sharat Poornima (@sharat_poornima) October 16, 2020

I honestly feel bad for him at this point.

Hey Charsi Canadian Kumar,
Do you have guts to name your movie Fatima Bomb instead of Laxmmi Bomb?
No one is allowed to play with our religious sentiments.#BoycottLaxmmiBomb #ShameOnUAkshayKumar

— Arpitha Jois (@ArpithaJois1) October 16, 2020

Which Arab, tho?

#BoycottLaxmmiBomb support Arab and stop watching druggiest bollywood

— brajesh Kumar (@brajesh96795575) October 12, 2020

What is even happening on Twitter?

This is the reality of Akkians who're converting their handle name in a support of Sushant, but in reality they are doing this only to divert SSRians#BoycottLaxmiBomb

Be careful. Don't fall in their trap@IshaKaurssr2@lostsoul_apu#CBIBreakSilenceInSSRCase #BoycottLaxmmiBomb

— Justice For SSR (@cricketoholic25) October 10, 2020

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