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    Only got back into game after a decade away. Got training mage becoming visage, then Callisto doing a wildy slayer bear task obtained a de pickaxe. Now I'm performing some rev caves to get GP, managed to have enough for my months bond to go Buy OSRS gold.To level mining it is a good option to do the Varrock Diary, which provides you an armor that has a 10 percent likelihood of ore fall with double exp. Along with the Varrock Diary includes a great deal of other great parts about it, so why don't do it. They do not require many abilities though, but your best option is to perform the Quest for the Dig Site, which as an added bonus, provides you crafting and mining experience.If you want extra fall rate for gold ores, you'll have to do the medium Varrock journal, which needs you to have firemaking degree 40. And farming 25, Agility 30, fighting 40. Now you can farm gold to construct gold bracelets to up your crafting ability to fix the cranes. If you decide to not level mining, the faction requires you to have mining degree 42. Runescape is one of the greatest things from my youth. I recently started playing 2007 runescape accounts again, and though the nostalgia is definitely great, it's a game that has. I am glad the OSRS version is something we can play. Oh, and I got into the mobile beta that the day after I purchased my ruling 9, which can be nice. Runescape is one of those you either love or despise. Personally I am befuddled anyone could play Runescape outside of nostalgia. I can fire up the commodore 64 and play as an asterisk at a dungeon and receive the same experience.
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  6. For any reason Maplestory M Mesos They need to steal your cashFor bringing maple Additionally sorry all the way from v if they introduced monster cards into the gamethe best PQs were LPQ dimensional crack in ludi LMPQ ludi maze also KPQ first time together in kerning then there was that the meta tag we still use now RnJ at the time I had been in a guild that could run the two main bosses for the moment Lord Balrog and Zakum horntail I believe was about at the moment but we didnt have sufficient power at that moment therefore there werent any carries because of himI used to hoard even the most simplest equips being a new player and I would have anxiety attacks when trying to make space in my stock I was at the moment the EXP and Meso profits were rather forgettable particularly coming in pitiful amounts on ordinary maps that is was less rewarding to be out of a party questThe economics werent as mad as it is now but it was still pretty steep pricing for the majority of items I had been introduced into the free marketplace by one of my guildmates at the moment and MaplestoryM Mesos I tried selling items myself but unfortunately I couldnt find a spot where I could advertise my item and I couldnt buy a merch booth finally my guildmate decided to pay me half of the items worth and he would sell it for me it was actually a fantastic deal Buy affordable products here:
  7. I dont know how it looks like you've asked me a question relating to this all I know is I had 94 fletching and 99 RC Firemaking but that is about it. Bonds are amazing but yes thank you'll for earning Runescape brought back some awesome memories.Cheap OSRS gold is unbelievable much valued man, Will, thank you! Recounting all these events I experienced in sport commenting here, has attracted a great deal of pleasure to me. Many friends made through Runescape, competitions as well joining in with this gaming gem. I still play with Rs to this day. I really don't get into all that nonsense both are equally fun and unique and both have committed and good communities. Runescape is incredible. Games can appear so useless to runescape accounts people beyond their community but Runescape has had a lot of enthusiasm and love within and without Jagex throughout its life. Ups and downs have come. I logged in to Runescape3 the other day and it makes me unhappy to see how the playerbase is becoming. I love OSRS and play with it a lot, but Runescape3 remains such a fantastic game it's simply not gripping for a whole lot of older players.I sorrow I wasn't online for the fally massacre re-enactment, I did not start playing until a couple of months after the original event took place in 2006. Nonetheless Runescape supplied me a fantastic nostalgia trip since I remember kingduffy and the GE. I recall being during everybody and super bowl 42 turned out when Plaxico captured the game winning pass for the Giants. Miss the old times as a child because that instant when everybody flipped shit was magical:')?
  8. To abrasion concealing buy Madden nfl 20 coins atramentous clothing, and veils over their faces. The aeon of afflication for orphaned NFL admirers adeptness endure as long, oras we’ve credible with the brand of Baltimorelonger. “You’re not just traveling to bandy soccer in there and everything’s traveling to be fine,” says Robert Thompson, who directs the Bleier Centermost for Television and Accepted Adeptness at Syracuse. “All those memories of watching amateur with your dad, all those years of acquirements the traditions and acceptance of your teamthe players, the stats, the abundant games.... There are bodies out there who acquire done the agnate of alum plan on their teamjust acquire to sports allocution radio!” Their accord with their team, he says, “is like a abode they’ve been an imate in and paying off for generations.” “That’s not to say that if the Supreme Cloister disqualified that football was actionable all of a sudden, added sports wouldn’t abounding the void. But it would yield a connected time to anatomy up that equity.” Robin AlamIcon SMI While Riddell fights for survival, added accessories companies are affective in. SG Helmets was founded by Bill Simpson who aswell affected the Madden 20 coins careful headgear broadly acclimated in auto racing and Dent Ganassi. The alien carapace of SG’s football helmet is Kevlar adapted over a cream lining that helps blot “% added g-forces than Riddell helmets,” according to a Purdue study. So our goods is the cheapest.welcome to:
  9. New York is just 1-4 SU and ATS in Mut 20 coins its last five games in Week 15 of the NFL season.The Cincinnati Bengals received crushing news this week that Andy Dalton would be lost for the rest of the regular season and likely beyond with a fractured thumb. This Sunday, the Bengals will move forward with backup quarterback AJ McCarron as a 4-point road favorite against the San Francisco 49ers.Cincinnati is 8-2-1 SU and 9-2 ATS in its last 11 games ing off a loss the week before. San Francisco is 10-2 SU in its last 12 games against the Bengals, according to the OddsShark NFL Database.On Sunday night, the Arizona Cardinals are a 3.5-point road favorite over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cardinals have a 6-2 ATS record in games following an ATS loss. They had one last week after failing to cover the spread against the buy Madden 20 coins Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night.Monday night's game pits the Detroit Lions against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans. The Saints are just 2-9-1 ATS in their last 12 games as the betting favorite, but they'll be in that role at home this Monday going off at -3 hosting the struggling Lions. NFL Week 15 betting linesCincinnati -4 at San FranciscoCarolina -4 at NY GiantsArizona -3.5 at PhiladelphiaGreen Bay -3 at OaklandDetroit at New Orleans -3View all Week 15 odds at OddsShark Andy Dalton doesn't need surgery, but likely won't be back until the playoffs -
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    Nick Chubb Jersey

    BEREA Nick Chubb Jersey , Ohio (AP) — Browns coach Hue Jackson knew if he complained about Sunday’s officiating he could be fined. The NFL is always watching and listening.He may soon be writing a check to Commissioner Roger Goodell.Still smarting after Cleveland’s road losing streak reached 22 consecutive games with an overtime loss at Oakland, Jackson was asked Monday if he was satisfied the officials had correctly spotted the ball in the closing minutes on a critical measurement that was overturned by a replay review.“There are a lot of things that I am not satisfied about,” he said.Jackson then clicked off a few.“The kicking of the football down the field right next to the official, the sack-fumble on a quarterback … Do you guys want me to keep going?” he asked reporters. “The spot. It goes on and on and on. We have to do a better job of being in control of it, not the officials being in control of it.”Although Jackson didn’t solely lay the 45-42 loss to the Raiders on the refs, there’s no denying that some questionable calls that went against the Browns (1-2-1) led to another heartbreaking loss.The Browns appeared to pick up a game-sealing first down — and were poised to win rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield’s first start — with 1:38 left in regulation as running back Carlos Hyde gained 2 yards on third-and-2.But replay official Billy Smith ruled Hyde was short of the marker and overturned the conversion. The Browns were forced to punt and the Raiders wound up tying the score and winning in OT on a 29-yard field goal.Even by Cleveland standards, this one hurt.Jackson, though, came away feeling encouraged by his young team. The Browns overcame a litany of their own mistakes and were in position to win before their defense crumbled at the end of regulation.The losses keep mounting for Jackson, now 0-18 on the road and 2-33-1 during his two-plus seasons in Cleveland. But he’s convinced these Browns are not the old Browns.“We have never been this close since I have been here, not as close as we have been in these four weeks,” he said.“There have been some games (in past years) where I think that we played as well as we could play and had a chance to win and make a play down the stretch. This team feels different. This team is more talented. I do not think that there is any remains of the past teams.”The league stood by its ruling, with a spokesman saying several camera angles were used to clarify Hyde’s elbow hit the ground short of the first down.“From the line feed Chad Thomas Color Rush Jersey , you can see the line to gain is just past the 19-yard line,” the spokesman said. “One replay angle shows the wrist and the elbow hit the ground simultaneously.”The debatable calls aside, the Browns continue to be plagued by familiar problems. They’re committing too many penalties and special teams have been special in name only.But unlike the past two seasons, Jackson said there’s no sense of doom on the sideline during games, no feeling that things will go from bad to worse.“I do not get the sense of what I felt before down there,” he said. “I get the sense that this is a team that is really starting to come together and understand how close they are. Now what they have to do is go finish those things.”It’s not a stretch to think the Browns could be 3-1 or even 4-0. But a blocked field goal in the opener against Pittsburgh and several missed kicks at New Orleans cost them two wins before they blew a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter Sunday and were swallowed up in the Black Hole.They have to learn to finish, and center JC Tretter believes the Browns are learning while taking a few more lumps.“We have a lot of grit on this team,” he said. “Even last year, you saw it. Obviously, last year we were not able to get any wins, but we never stopped fighting no matter what the circumstances were during the game, and I think that mentality has carried over. Now with the added talent and experience, that effort late in games you can come back from almost anything.“We lost our 14-point lead , and those are sometimes tougher to bounce back from after you have it and you lose it. Just that we kept plugging along and kept pushing, and obviously, we come back. There is no quit and there is no rolling over on this team.”NOTES: Jackson said rookie RB Nick Chubb needs more touches after scoring on TD runs of 63 and 41 yards. “I watched those two touchdowns on tape today, and they were even better than they were on the field,” he said. … CB Terrance Mitchell underwent surgery on his broken right wrist and will be sidelined indefinitely. Jackson is optimistic Mitchell will return at some point this season. … Jackson said he never considered trying to going for it on fourth down after Hyde’s run was overturned. “It did not enter my mind,” he said. … Despite Mayfield’s four turnovers, Jackson liked how his rookie QB played. “I did not see any blink in Baker on any of those things,” Jackson said. “That is what was very pleasing to me. I get a chance to look in his eyes, and he did not flinch. Matter of fact, he was like, ‘Come on guys, let’s go.'” CLEVELAND (AP) — Just as in the NFL draft, Sam Darnold finished behind Baker Mayfield.Darnold lost an unexpected duel with Mayfield on Thursday night as Cleveland’s rookie quarterback came off the bench and rallied the Cleveland Browns to a 21-17 win over the New York Jets for their first win in 20 games.The top story line heading into the game was Darnold getting a chance to showcase his skills for the Browns (1-1-1) in person and maybe make them regret not selecting him with the No. 1 overall pick in April.However Britton Colquitt Jersey , when it ended, all eyes were on Mayfield as the Heisman Trophy winner led the Browns from a 14-point deficit and ended the league’s second-longest winless streak since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.Darnold and Mayfield spoke on the field inside FirstEnergy Stadium before the game, and the young QBs met for a moment afterward.Following a conservative game plan laid out by New York’s coaching staff, Darnold completed 15 of 31 passes for 169 yards but threw two interceptions in the fourth quarter as he tried to bring the Jets (1-2) back.“I felt really comfortable throughout the whole game,” Darnold said. “I just made stupid mistakes in the fourth quarter and some missed opportunities throughout the whole game. I just have to play better and that’s one me.”Isaiah Crowell had two rushing touchdowns for New York, but the former Browns running back angered some of his former teammates with an inappropriate celebration following his second score.Crowell squatted and wiped the ball on his backside before firing it into the stands, drawing a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.“That was inexcusable,” Jets coach Todd Bowles said. “We addressed it and it will never happen again.”Crowell regretted his actions.“It was just spur of the moment, but I need to control myself,” said Crowell, who spent four seasons with Cleveland before signing a three-year, $12 million free agent contract with the Jets in March. “I don’t think it had to do with the stadium I was at. I just felt like it was spur of the moment.”Darnold’s career has already had some highs and lows. He threw two touchdown passes in a 31-point win over Detroit in his debut, and then became the youngest player to throw for at least 300 yards in a loss last week at Miami.He was inconsistent against the Browns Tyrod Taylor Jersey , showing some poise but also rushing some passes.“I thought he battled,” Bowles said. “Obviously, the two interceptions at the end of the ballgame when they knew we were going to pass and the game was on the line — I don’t really look at that. I thought he battled. I thought he took care of the football for the most part. He gave us a chance and we have to help him out more.”Darnold was much tougher on himself.“There were a couple plays, but for me I just have to play better. It’s as simple as that. It’s not acceptable the way I played. I know that, and I have to take it like a man. I feel like I’m responsible for the stagnant offense we had. I just have to play better, that’s it. Find completions and continue to do what I’m doing.”Darnold may get another chance to play Mayfield and hopes they can develop a rivalry as pros.“Hopefully,” he said. “Baker is a great competitor. I loved playing against him. Obviously, you wish you could win those games, but he’s a great competitor and is going to play in this league for a while. I’m looking forward to every single week.”
  13. Has a small R&D team working on OSRS Gold various ideas.These games don't have $100 million budgets, he says. They are extremely community-based. They are very grounded in what the players do, but they're still enormous, exciting adventures. There's a good deal of innovation that's happening there due to their size, which is a place that we want to play in.In addition to the, Jagex is also working on a far largernext generation MMO.We want to take everything we have learned over the previous 17 years creating the RuneScape games, and make something that capitalises on all of our learnings, Mansell says. There's an interesting dichotomy... Games have never been more multiplayer or online, but people do not talk about MMOs very much anymore. That is really a good thing, because it creates those games more accessible and less intimidating. That's where we would like to go as well.I think quite highly of what the shared world games have done. They have been offering a gigantic multiplayer experience with far fewer complications. From the first days of RuneScape, this is a phenomenally accessible game. It had been pretty much the first big free-to-play game at the West. We used lots of simple design language because of its interactions, but it was deep underneath runescape 2007 gold These are a few of the principles we are going to go back Buy cheap RuneScape gold here:
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    Blake Martinez Color Rush Jersey

    GREEN BAY Blake Martinez Color Rush Jersey , Wis. (AP) — Aaron Rodgers‘ last trip to Minnesota altered the course of a promising season for the Green Bay Packers.He broke his right collarbone in Week 6 in 2017 on a hit out of the pocket by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr. After a 4-1 start, the Packers stumbled the rest of the way and missed the playoffs.Maybe things will change for the better this time for the Packers when Rodgers returns to U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday, his first road game against the Vikings since the collarbone injury. At 4-5-1, the Packers desperately need a win to keep their postseason hopes alive.“Yeah, obviously I think about that day, it was a tough day, especially going out there early in the game and the way we were rolling on offense and as a team through the first five games,” Rodgers said after practice Wednesday. “But I feel good. My body feels good.”Different season, different injury.Rodgers is getting better after hurting his left knee in the season opener this year against Chicago. In his first game after that injury in Week 2, the Packers and Vikings tied at 29 .There have been challenging times since then for Green Bay. Rodgers’ mobility was initially limited after the injury , but that has improved.“I’m able to move around the way I want to move around. It’s been a frustrating season at times injury-wise,” Rodgers said. “But you don’t think about getting hurt. You just think about playing and trying to avoid some of those hits outside the pocket.”The Packers are winless in five road games this season. Part of the problem is they haven’t been consistent in third-down situations. (19th in NFL). Now they face the league’s best defense on third down.“We want to win games and we’ve won a lot around here. We’ve got to find a way to get back on track,” receiver Randall Cobb said this week.Not having Cobb in the lineup of late because of a hamstring injury has taken away a trusted option. Cobb might be closer to returning after being limited in practice on Wednesday.“Well it hurts Randall not playing,” Rodgers said. “His ability in the slot is why he’s stuck around the league for so long, and will long after this year.”Tight end Jimmy Graham broke a thumb during the first half of last week’s loss at Seattle, though coach Mike McCarthy has said that Graham intends to try to play through the injury. Receiver Geronimo Allison is also on injured reserve with a groin issue.That’s three of Rodgers’ top targets hurt, meaning the Packers have had to rely on rookies Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown more in the passing game.Jake Kumerow, a star in training camp who showed chemistry with Rodgers before the receiver landed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury, returned to practice Wednesday. He could be a step closer to being activated.“He’s a talented guy and I think most of us were wondering if he was going to be back on the field this year,” Rodgers said.INJURY REPORTS Kentrell Brice (ankle) was a limited participant. Among those missing practice were CB Bashaud Breeland (groin) Aaron Jones Jersey , S Raven Greene (ankle), CB Kevin King (hamstring) and LB Nick Perry (knee). Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy finally unleashed running back Aaron Jones.Sort of.Jones, whose nebulous role in the Packers’ running back committee has been the subject of consistent consternation this season, had a season-high 12 carries Sunday in Green Bay’s 29-27 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.The second-year back was on the field for 62 percent of the offense’s snaps, his largest share since Week 7 of last season.Jones delivered, racking up a season-high 86 rushing yards and a touchdown while averaging a season-high 7.17 yards per carry.Backfield-mate Jamaal Williams played 25 percent of the snaps and had just four carries for nine yards and a touchdown.Ty Montgomery, whose kick return gaffe derailed the Packers’ comeback attempt, was on the field for just 12 percent of the snaps, and had two carries for six yards.<em>Other notes from Sunday’s snap counts:</em>— Rookie receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling retained a major role in the offense despite the return of Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison, out-snapping both.— Meanwhile Kenny Clark Color Rush Jersey , Equanimeous St. Brown, who was on the field for 95 percent and 93 percent of the snaps against the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers, played just 12 percent.— Cornerback Jaire Alexander played on all 78 of the defense’s snaps, a first for the rookie, who had missed the previous two games with a groin injury.— Cornerback Bashaud Breeland, signed after the Packers placed Davon House on injury reserve in September, didn’t carry an injury designation, but was a healthy scratch.OFFENSEPLAYERPlays (52)%Bulaga52100%Bakhtiari52100%Bell52100%Taylor52100%Linsley52100%Rodgers52100%Graham4688%D. Adams4077%Jones3262%Valdes-Scantling3160%Allison3058%Cobb2446%Kendricks1733%Williams1325%Lewis1223%Montgomery612%St. Brown612%Tonyan36%DEFENSEPLAYERPlays (78)%Williams78100%Alexander78100%Martinez78100%Clinton-Dix78100%King7697%Whitehead7596%Brice6685%Clark6381%Matthews5368%Daniels4963%Perry4051%Lowry3849%GIlbert3444%Fackrell2836%Burks810%Lancaster810%A. Adams56%Jackson34%
  15. throughout the course of the franchise’s history. Eugene Daniel. Ray Buchanan. Vontae Davis.Even the Super Bowl winning starting..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteStampede Bluean Indianapolis Colts communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsColtsShopAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Colts StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Colts NewsYahoo Colts Team PageYahoo Colts ReportYahoo Colts Depth ChartYahoo Colts TransactionsYahoo Colts PhotosShop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Filed under:Colts AnalysisThis is the most talented Cornerback quartet the Colts franchise has ever hadNew Tyquan Lewis Jersey ,102commentsEDTShareTweetShareShareThis is the most talented Cornerback quartet the Colts franchise has ever hadPhoto by Andy Lyons/Getty ImagesThe Indianapolis Colts have had some very good cornerbacks throughout the course of the franchise’s history. Eugene Daniel. Ray Buchanan. Vontae Davis.Even the Super Bowl winning starting tandem of Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden quickly comes to mind. However, one to four, the Colts current cornerback core of Pierre Desir, Kenny Moore, Quincy Wilson, and recently added rookie 2nd round pick Rock Ya-Sin is the most talented the franchise has ever had. Sure, there will be growing pains, as it’s very much a ‘green’ group—who are all for the most part, still learning the position. One which is among the toughest positions in the league to play. Aside from the lone ‘veteran’ of the group, Desir (28), the rest of the Colts cornerback quartet is 23 (Moore), 23 (Ya-Sin), and 22 (Wilson) respectively. Of course, their immense talent and potential still has to translate to actual on-the-field production next season too. However, on paper, the quartet’s collective talent and natural ability is undeniable:Troy Taormina-USA TODAY SportsPierre DesirAs a former 2014 4th round pick of the Cleveland Browns, Desir bounced from the San Diego Chargers to the Seattle Seahawks organizations before finally finding a long-term home in Indianapolis. He was recently rewarded for his exceptional play in 2018 by receiving a new 3-year, $25 million deal ($12 million guaranteed) from Indianapolis earlier this offseason. starter for Indianapolis’ defense, even if he’s utilized more as their 3rd or 4th cornerback next season. INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts made a firm commitment to Matt Eberflus in January.They stuck to it after the man who initially hired Eberflus to be Indy’s defensive coordinator Ryan Grant Color Rush Jersey , Josh McDaniels, reneged on a deal to become the next coach, and they lived up to their promise after eventually hiring Frank Reich in February.It’s worked out well for the Colts.“He’s a consistent guy, he’s got a consistent message every day and he believes in the system,” middle linebacker Anthony Walker said Tuesday. “That’s what you want as a player, a guy who believes in the system.”The system looks awfully familiar to longtime Colts fans.Eberflus reinstalled the Tampa 2 defense, the zone concept popularized by Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy. General manager Chris Ballard saw it work in Chicago under Lovie Smith, one of Dungy’s former pupils, and Reich worked with it on Dungy’s staff when he first started coaching in 2006. Indy capped that season by winning the Super Bowl.The low-key personalities and focused approaches also proved a perfect match.But the real investment came in free agency and the draft.While Colts fans waited impatiently for Ballard to make a splashy move, he mostly avoided the high-priced free agents and instead went with less-familiar names who could excel in Eberflus’ system.The results have been remarkable.Linebacker Darius Leonard, a second-round pick, has a league-high 104 tackles and Walker has 67 tackles, nearly four times as many as he had in 2017.Defensive end Kemoko Turay has shown flashes of being a disruptive pass rusher and Tyquan Lewis showed promise in his first two games after missing the first eight with an injured toe. Both were second-round draft picks in April.“We’re getting to the ball, causing turnovers,” Leonard said. “We don’t do a lot, there’s not a lot of thinking, so it’s very easy for me to go out and play.”Not just for the young guys, either.Jabaal Sheard moved from outside linebacker to defensive end and already has matched his sacks total (5½) from last season. Veteran defensive lineman Margus Hunt has gone from rotation player to starter and has had a career-best season.Safeties Clayton Geathers and Malik Hooker have been rounding into form after missing most of last season and part of this season with injuries, and outsiders have noticed a difference.“They hustle. They have great team effort. They have very good team speed. They stunt the front and they are all very good hitters ,” Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden said recently. “They seem to really like each other. They seem to have a really good, I think, overall down-to-down competitive nature about them.”The individual numbers tell only part of the story.After finishing 30th in the league in yards allowed per game in 2016 and 2017 and 26th or worse in four of Chuck Pagano’s six seasons as head coach, Indy has jumped to No. 20 this season. Through 10 games, they have 26 sacks and are on pace for their highest total since 2013.The Colts’ last four opponents have averaged only 17.5 points per game, and only four teams have more takeaways than Indy (19).Not surprisingly, the Colts (5-5) have won all four, moving back into the playoff picture largely because of a defensive resurgence few expected in Eberflus’ first season.“I think you have to go through this process. Sometimes you take a couple steps forward and one step back or three or four steps forward and one or two back,” Eberflus said. “But it’s really about the guys buying into it.”It could be just the start.The young Colts are still getting acclimated to Eberflus and his scheme, are still learning how to play consistently well and still must demonstrate they can withstand the late-season rigors to make a playoff run.But for the first time in a long time, the Indy defense no longer looks like the weak link. Instead, Eberflus has demonstrated just how promising the future could be.“I think guys are buying into the style slowly, but it’s not consistent yet,” Eberflus said. “Today in the film room we pointed out all the loafs and all the missed assignments, so we can definitely get better week to week, and now it’s about being consistent week to week.”NOTES: With the likelihood of starting center Ryan Kelly out with an injured left knee, the Colts signed center Josh Andrews off the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad. … Indy also put cornerback D.J. Killings on injured reserve and waived cornerback Arthur Maulet.100<button class="view-gallery">View Gallery</button> Gallery:View from the sidelines: NFL cheerleaders 2018Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports | Raj Mehta
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    There has been a lot of talk Tyler Lockett Color Rush Jersey , from national media pundits, on social media and even among fans of the Seattle Seahawks regarding what the team’s corps of receivers will look like in 2019...." The OffseasonWhat should Seahawks fans expect from the young receiving corps?New,36commentsPDTThere has been a lot of talk, from national media pundits, on social media and even among fans of the Seattle Seahawks regarding what the team’s corps of receivers will look like in 2019. Obviously, the loss of Doug Baldwin is a significant factor in these matters, and on top of that is the fact that behind Tyler Lockett and Jaron Brown there is very little experience in the receivers room. Specifically, it appears that many fans feel they may have seen enough of David Moore, and are ready to move on to see which of the three receivers the Hawks drafted in April can come in a make a splash. However, before handing the starting job to one of the new guys, whether that be DK Metcalf, Gary Jennings or John Ursua, let’s take a look at how good Moore’s development has been in the context of having been a seventh round pick. In the years since the NFL lockout in 2011, and the subsequent adoption of the current CBA which reduced the amount of time players could spend with coaches, receiver development has been an area of concern. This is nothing new, as for decades many coaches, such as Mike Holmgren, have lamented that it can take two or three seasons for a receiver to learn the nuances of the position in the NFL. Moore isno exception to that, which is part of what makes his 2018 season so spectacular. Since the adoption of the current practice time restraints in that 2011 CBA, there have been 46 receivers who have been drafted in the seventh round. Obviously Frank Clark Color Rush Jersey , the four wideouts taken in the seventh round of the 2019 NFL Draft have yet to have a chance to make an impact on the field, so we’ll only look at the 42 who were selected from 2011 to 2018. Of those 42 receivers, six were chosen in 2018, so we only have a single season of data on them, but that gives us 78 player seasons of data for the first two years of a player’s career for seventh round receivers drafted under the current CBA. Here’s where Moore’s 2018 performance ranks among those 78 seasons in a variety of different categories: Receiving yards, single season: 455 in 2018, third best of 78 in sampleReceptions, single season: 26 in 2018, third best of 78 in sampleTouchdown receptions, single season: 5 in 2018, best of 78 in sample (second best performance in this category is two). The obvious rebuttal from fans is that while Moore’s second season ranked highly in the sample for the categories mentioned, he did absolutely nothing as a receiver in his first season. Thus, the question becomes where does he rank when his two seasons are combined? The results are somewhat amazing given that, as noted, he had absolutely no production in his first year, but here they are: Receiving yards, first and second season combined: 455, third best of 36 in sampleReceptions, first and second season combined: 26, fourth best of 36 in sampleTouchdown receptions Dion Jordan Color Rush Jersey , first and second season combined: 5, best of 36 in sampleIn short, Moore’s first two seasons have far outperformed the expectations for seventh round receivers, but what happens if we expand the sample to include other rounds? How do Day 3 receivers in general perform? Expanding the sample to look at all Day 3 receivers, we find that between 2011 and 2018 there were 157 receivers drafted by NFL teams, with 24 of those drafted in 2018. That means we have 290 player seasons of data from their first and second years, and we have 133 players that have seen two years pass since being drafted whose performance we can compare to that of Moore. Where does Moore’s 2018 season rank compared to any single season of the other 156 receivers? Receiving yards, single season: 455 in 2018, 26th best of 290 in sampleReceptions, single season: 26 in 2018, tied for 33rd best of 290 in sampleTouchdown receptions, single season: 5 in 2018, tied for 10th best of 290 in sampleWhat happens when we combine the seasons and remove the 2018 draft class for which there is only a single season of data? Receiving yards, first and second season combined: 455, 22nd out of 133 in sampleReceptions, first and second season combined: 26, 30th out of 133 in sampleTouchdown receptions, first and second season combined: 5, tied for 12th of 133 in sampleBasically, Moore has not only been exceptional for a seventh round draft choice Tedric Thompson Color Rush Jersey , he’s outperformed expectations for any receiver chosen on Day 3 of the draft through his first two seasons. That’s no promise that his development will continue at the same rate of improvement, but it shows how difficult it is for receivers to develop into contributing members of the team no matter where they’re drafted on Day 3. So, the issue then becomes what the team can expect of Ursua and Jennings as rookie receivers selected on the final day of the draft. Obviously, expectations should be low, but with the amount of turnover at the receiver position for the Hawks, there should be an opportunity for them to perform, especially on the outside. There’s been plenty of discussion among fans about which receiver will take over in the slot for Baldwin, and to me the most logical conclusion is Lockett. The thing about the offense the Seahawks run is that the outside receivers have fairly simple duties, as a very large percentage of the routes they to run are either go routes or curl routes. Those routes are far easier to run than other, more complicated routes, and makes the outside receiver position a fantastic place for a developing rookie to learn. Metcalf, Jennings and Ursua should be able to step in as rookies and contribute on the outside, with Lockett moving inside to the slot and dominating. The reason to expect success from Lockettinside is that over the final five weeks of the 2018 season he lined up in the slot about equally as often as he lined up on the outside, however, his production from the slot disproportionately outpaced his production when he lined up outside. Small sample caveats and all that, but during that five game stretch Russell Wilson posted a passer rating of just 112.5 when targeting Lockett from the outside, but a perfect 158.3 when Lockett was targeted from the slot. Yes, it’s a small sample, but in the offense the Hawks run, slot receivers have a significant advantage over outside receivers Ethan Pocic Color Rush Jersey , particularly when the defense aligns in order to take away the deep outside routes.In summary, expect Lockett to slide inside to the slot and have a fantastic 2019 season, while Metcalf and Jennings fight with Moore for the jobs on the outside. There, their size and speed will allow them to fulfill the basics of those roles while learning the intricacies of playing receiver in the NFL and giving them time to develop into the weapons their athleticism gives them to potential to become. RENTON, Wash. (AP)Duane Brown’s future a year ago at training camp was filled with uncertainty during a holdout. Ever since his trade to Seattle in the middle of last season, he’s been ”at peace” with whatever was going to take place.”Last year at this time I was very anxious and uncertain,” Brown said Sunday, a day after signing a three-year contract extension with the Seahawks. ”This whole year I’ve been at peace. I wasn’t worried about anything when I showed up for workouts or OTAs. I wasn’t worried about what was going on behind the scenes and just controlling what I could control.”The extension means the big left tackle will likely be protecting Russell Wilson’s blindside for the rest of Brown’s career. He’ll turn 33 next month and has spoken repeatedly of wanting Seattle to be the final stop of his career.Brown’s current deal was set to expire after this season, part of the reason he was a holdout from the Houston Texans until Week 8 of last season before being traded to Seattle. Brown said it became clear soon after arriving in Seattle the intensions were to make sure this was his last stop. Those indications were part of why Brown was committed to being part of Seattle’s offseason program.”They communicated that early on and there was no doubt in any of our minds that we would get it done,” Brown said. ”I wanted to show my commitment to the team and our future by being here. Coming here halfway through the season you want to be here during the offseason, for me, to learn the team more, to have my impact in the locker room, my leadership skills and it was great to do that.”Brown was the first to get an extension among a number of key contributors whose contracts expire after the 2018 season. That group includes linebacker K.J. Wright, defensive end Frank Clark and, most notably, holdout safety Earl Thomas. There have been no signs of a softening between Thomas and the Seahawks as the former All-Pro has sought either a new deal in Seattle or a trade from the Seahawks.NOTES: Seattle signed WR Marvin Bracy on Sunday. Bracy represented the United States in the 100 meters at the 2016 Rio Olympics and is a three-time U.S. indoor champion in the 60 meters. Bracy returned to football last year signing with Indianapolis during training camp but was released before the season.—
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  19. The atmosphere to get wow classic gold for sale becoming something in Archetypal abundant added satisfying."An Ballsy charcoal able-bodied annual it, my warrior catchbasin may backpack it for abounding months, and aswell in Action for Azeroth you'll absorb a few canicule dressed in purple, that's a joke."In accession to players who accept met but aswell boilerplate pros on Elysium WoW alone calm with concern and the extensions dodged on the archetypal edition. Like the adherent that is 20-year-old Balsamic from Cape Cod a priest-healer. "I do not like Action for Azeroth, so I artlessly looked at Archetypal because I've heard so abounding times that it had been declared to be so terrific."And yes, he anon accustomed the feel and aswell the bulk phase. For him, Boilerplate feels abundant added like a absolute RPG:"The accomplished apple is abounding of dangers and I consistently accept to be hell-bent on not advancing too abounding enemies at already - achievement I'm a allotment of an ballsy adventitious Adaptation of WoW not in all the case."There are assorted opinions if asked if the Elysium players are able to about-face to the wow classic gold official servers and aswell awning for WoW Classic. "Yes, definitely," states Ysaten. "I consistently feel accusable about arena Elysium, and with Blizzard's official aid, the operators can't accrue up achievement and I'm in achievement searching So our goods is the cheapest.welcome to:
  20. ENGLEWOOD Dennis Smith Jersey , Colo. (AP) — Jake Butt’s absence from practice for a second straight day Monday was “a major concern” even though the tight end’s left knee, which has been surgically repaired twice, “just didn’t feel right for him.”Fangio said having to sit Butt was “kind of to be expected” early in training camp.Resting Butt gives the second-year pro three days’ rest because the Broncos have Tuesday off before training camp resumes Wednesday afternoon.Also sitting out Monday were rookie receiver Juwann Winfree, who’s flashed at camp so far, but “he got hit yesterday a little bit and his leg wasn’t feeling right,” Fangio said.Guard Ronald Leary, who’s coming off a torn Achilles tendon, sat out practice as a precaution.Pro Bowl running back Phillip Lindsay, who missed the offseason program while recovering from right wrist surgery, hasn’t missed any practice time so far.“My mind is not on my hand anymore, it’s about making plays,” Lindsay said. “That’s not really a problem anymore.”Monday was alumni day at Broncos camp with several players now in the media such as Ryan Harris, Brandon Stokley and Steve Atwater joining old-timers for festivities and a group photo .“It’s really cool to see the guys who did it before us and be able to shake their hands, talk to them a little bit and bounce some ideas or get some knowledge from them,” cornerback Kareem Jackson said. “It’s just always cool to be able to see guys that did it before you.” Jeff Heuerman has an opportunity to thrive in a new (hopefully improved) offense." Denver Broncos Roster2019 Broncos roster review: Tight End Jeff HeuermanNew Karl Mecklenburg Jersey ,17commentsJeff Heuerman has an opportunity to thrive in a new (hopefully improved) offense.MDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:2019 Broncos roster review: Tight End Jeff HeuermanTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Peter Aiken/Getty ImagesI thought the decision to bring back Jeff Heuerman was a good one, just given the uncertainty at the tight end position. Now with the acquisition of Noah Fant in the first round along with Heuerman, Denver has a pretty solid tight end duo for a coach who is good at scheming open tight ends, and a quarterback who loves to throw to them.It seems that every year since he was drafted we have been holding out hope that Heuerman would finally have a breakout season. Well this year may be his best hope, yet.The good Before being knocked out for the last several weeks of the season with broken ribs, Heuerman was having his best statistical season with 31 catches, 281 yards, and two touchdowns. His breakout game in 2018 came two games before he was injured. In week 9 against the Texans, Heuerman exploded for 10 catches on 11 targets, 83 yards and a touchdown. I broke down the film from his big game during the season here if you want to dig a little deeper on it.Additionally, after struggling to get and stay on the field throughout his career, Heuerman was able to contribute on 50% of the teams offensive snaps this past season.The badAside from that one big game, Heuerman has struggled/failed to assert himself as a dominant force in the passing game. He has only logged two other games in his career with over five targets, and finished both the ‘16 and ‘17 seasons with only nine receptions as he struggled to stay on the field due to injuries.Speaking of injuries, while 2018 was his “healthiest” season of his career so far Jared Veldheer Jersey , he still ended the season on IR, and only contributed 50% of snaps.QuotableOn his role this next seasonOn re-signing with the BroncosOn suffering a season-ending injury last season while he was having his best statistical seasonJeff Heuerman’s roster status with the BroncosHeuerman was re-signed by Denver this offseason on a two year deal that is essentially a one year $3.5M contract with a team option for one more year at $4.5M. If he doesn’t perform up to expectations this year, the Broncos can move on with only $500k in dead money.With the acquisition of Noah Fant in this year’s draft, Heuerman and Jake Butt will be competing for tight end 1b in Scangarello’s offense. Due to his experience, I think Heuerman has a good shot at claiming that #2 TE role. However, to stay with the team beyond this year, I think he’ll have to really carve out a significant role in the offense and establish himself as a reliable pass catching target, which he has yet to do so far.Fortunately, Rich Scangarello’s offense is tight end friendly, and while Noah Fant is expected to be the main recipient, Heuerman could definitely benefit from it as well. Once again, this offseason is Heuerman’s time to shine. Hopefully he can take advantage.
  21. Tonight JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey White , viewers across the nation will get another opportunity to witness the greatest rivalry in sports today when the Pittsburgh Steelers square off against their hated rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, in the friendly confines of Heinz Field. Maybe I should clarify the aforementioned statement a little. The best rivalry in the NFL. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry in college football, which takes the whole hated-rivals scenario — and the lengths some fans will take to prove it — to an entirely different level.This is a home game for the Steelers, and they have to hold serve at home in this rivalry because it’s so difficult to win in Baltimore. Ben Roethlisberger has been more successful than most, and they did win there last season, but it’s always a tough endeavor, to say the least. It seems Big Ben owns the state of Ohio, but Baltimore has been his own personal house of horrors. There have been blowout losses, a broken nose, too many late hits to mention and, of course, the devastating collision served up by Bart Scott which would have killed a lesser man. If a defender impacted a passer in today’s NFL, as Scott did, he would go directly to jail and would not pass “Go.”This week’s game finds both teams entering the fray with more questions than answers. This is a rare occurrence for two of the most established franchises in the league. With GM Ozzie Newsome at the helm Womens T. J. Watt Jersey , the Ravens have won two Super Bowls and been a perennial playoff contender. It seems they’re always one of the top defenses in the league. Lately, they’ve struggled to remain a contender, as they try to overcome the loss of franchise cornerstones Hall of Famer Ray Lewis and no doubt future Hall member Ed Reed — all the while being saddled with the albatross contract of Joe Flacco hanging around their necks. This past offseason, the Ravens brought in a whole new group of wide receivers and tight ends, as well as drafting Heisman Trophy winning QB Lamar Jackson, in an attempt to light the proverbial fire under their presumably unmotivated franchise quarterback. So far, their offseason additions have had the desired effects. Flacco seems to have gotten his mojo back and has played at a remarkably efficient level. All of the skill-position players have been involved and effective, and the offense appears to be a potent unit at first glance. But is everything as positive as it seems?For starters, the Ravens absolutely crushed the hapless Buffalo Bills in a home game to start the season. Have I mentioned how good the Ravens are at home? This was also a Bills team which decided it was a good idea to march out Nathan Peterman as their starting QB for the season opener. Yes, the same Nathan Peterman who threw five interceptions in the first half of his first career start last season against the Chargers. His first-quarter performance against the Ravens resembled a dream sequence from a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, and it only got worse from there. Final score was Ravens 47 - Bills 3. I’m not sure what can be learned from that debacle, unless it’s never to anoint Nathan Peterman as your starting QB. To be fair, it did shield young-stud passer Josh Allen from a traumatic welcome to the NFL moment. It could have scarred him for life. The Ravens would then go on to lose their next game against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road on Thursday Night football. Andy Dalton is a bona fide, established NFL QB and he proceeded to team up with A.J. Green and friends to bring the Ravens back to earth — and in some ways, the fans and announcers back to reality.Then this past Sunday the Ravens won a hard fought contest against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos shot themselves in the foot repeatedly with ill-timed penalties Womens JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , which just so happens to also be one of the Steelers’ specialties. Best in the league actually. That’s one stat I don’t think anyone is too proud of and it needs to be addressed immediately.Honestly, the Ravens played very well. Flacco was motivated and engaged. He protected the football, made the correct reads and adjustments, and was extremely accurate throwing the football. Probably his best overall performance in quite a few years. That’s not a good sign for the Steelers, as he’s enjoyed more success at Heinz Field than most QBs can claim.On defense against the Broncos, the Ravens pass-rush created havoc throughout the game for Denver QB Case Keenum, consistently collapsing the pocket. But there were open receivers aplenty whenever the line could provide Keenum with a modicum of time to throw. This week’s contest could come down to which offensive line performs best and which team avoids those crippling turnovers and penalties.The rookies from both teams will hear all week about the physicality of the matchup they are about to experience first hand, but they’ll still be taken aback by the ferocity of it. The intensity is immediately taken to another level that’s hard to put into words. Some players will rise to the occasion and perform, while others will wilt under the pressure.This week is the perfect opportunity for the Steelers to prove they are who we thought they were — a powerful offense capable of rewriting the team's record books plus improved tackling on defense that would stymie the running game and create opportunities to build on last season's league-leading pass rush. We’ve seen glimpses of both so far this season, but that’s been it — only glimpses and no consistency.This week's game isn't what the league offices had in mind with all of the offseason rule changes. The physical nature of this matchup could get out of hand quickly considering what’s at stake and the shared loathing between the combatants. So expect a deluge of yellow flags to rain down on Heinz Field in an attempt by officials to stem the tide.Better double check that chin-strap and give those shoulder pads one last pop.Buckle’s about to get real. This should be fun. The Pittsburgh Steelers were well represented in the 2019 Pro Bowl voting. While fans of the black-and-gold hoped the team would be preparing for the Super Bowl, and not be available for the annual All-Star game, this wasn’t the case yet again.Of the Steelers who were initially voted, two of them have since backed out due to injury. Antonio Brown backed out due to a reported injury, and teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster is taking his place. Fans might be skeptical of Brown’s “injury” considering he has posted a ton of rigorous workout videos of himself on his social media platforms, which no visible injury to mention.The latest player to take a step away from the Pro Bowl was guard David DeCastro. News broke Thursday afternoon of DeCastro’s decision Terrell Edmunds Jersey White , but initially it wasn’t known why he wouldn’t be participating in the festivities.Thankfully, ESPN’s Pat McManamon noted DeCastro has chosen to skip the game due to an injury, and Browns guard Joel Bitonio will replace DeCastro on the roster.We might never know what the injury is DeCastro is dealing with, and fans might think DeCastro is just blowing off the game, as many do, but the All-Pro guard went to the game last year and was an active participant. Regardless, as of now, the following Steelers will be representing the Steelers organization, and the AFC, in just a few weeks:James ConnerJuJu Smith-Schuster (Alternate)Alejandro VillanuevaMaurkice PounceyCameron HeywardSo, stay tuned to BTSC as we cover this meaningless football game which will be held Jan. 27 from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.
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    The Fan that Redskins coach Jay Gruden

    The Washington Redskins released safety D.J. Swearinger on Monday.Swearinger early in the day told a radio station in Washington D.C. he'd been cut with one game remaining in the regular season. He said on 106.7 The Fan that Redskins coach Jay Gruden did not give him an explanation for the move."I don't regret nothing Kelvin Harmon Washington Redskins Jersey , because I know I gave 100 percent effort from my heart," Swearinger said. The Redskins later Monday sent out a release with the transaction.Swearinger has been critical of the team, which has dealt with significant injuries to the offensive line and quarterback. Washington is 7-8 and closes the season with a home game against the rival Philadelphia Eagles, who still have a shot at making the playoffs and defending their NFL title.Washington lost 25-16 at Tennessee on Saturday night. Swearinger was reportedly critical of the lack of aggressive play calling in the loss. Backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert led the Titans to the victory after Marcus Mariota was injured.Swearinger was also critical of the team earlier this season."I can't tell you what needs to be changed. I ain't the coach," Swearinger said after a 40-16 loss to the Giants on Dec. 9. "We ain't executing. We ain't getting the job done. That's the answer they want me to give."Swearinger had a team-leading four interceptions this season. He was drafted by the Texans in the second round in 2013. He spent two seasons in Houston and then two in Arizona before joining the Redskins for the 2017 season. Hogs Haven makes the pick for the Washington Redskins in the 2019 SB Nation Mock Draft."Unlike previous drafts, I did not enter into the annual SB Nation Mock Draft with “one player” that I felt I absolutely NEEDED to get. The pain of previous years, when for example Kelvin Harmon Jersey 2019 , a Ryan Kelly was STOLEN from me right before I got to select has hardened my heart. Perhaps an alternate explanation is simply that the Redskins should be okay with a variety of outcomes at the #15 spot in the upcoming draft.Hogs Haven made the pick at 15 because, as is always the rule here, there are no trades. I think there will be a decent amount of trade activity ahead of the Redskins in the first round, and like many of you, I hope the Redskins are not part of that activity. Trading down would likely be well-received, depending on what Bruce Allen is able to get, but as we have been saying for a few years now Red Kelvin Harmon Jersey , the middle of the first round should net you an immediate starter on a very reasonable contract. Ideally, you add a Pro Bowl-caliber player capable of contributing heavily right away.In this week’s episode of The Audible, we take you through the top 14 picks made and how the draft kind of changes for the Redskins during that span based on when certain players/positions are taken.By the time we were on the clock at #15, I was unable to consider guys like Jonah Williams and Brian Burns (Dwayne Haskins was the guy I wouldn’t have drafted of the three of these players KS4GM). Thankfully, the edge rusher cupboard was not yet bone dry, and not a single wide receiver was drafted ahead of us.Given these two positions are my top two need spots (yes, ahead of quarterback) Dwayne Haskins Jersey , I was excited to have some choices of players that I think would be able to come in and make the Redskins better immediately. Montez Sweat and Brian Burns are two guys I would likely draft over Clelin Ferrell, but I have zero regret writing Ferrell’s name on the draft card and racing it up to the podium for the Washington Redskins. He is a monster athlete with prototypical size and strength. The All-American has played alongside top NFL talent for years now at Clemson. Though he doesn’t hail from Alabama, which is where the Redskins typically look for their first round picks, he has been a part of the team that has BEATEN Alabama twice in the national championship. Ferrell made his mark on the both of those title teams, and his presence on the defensive side of the ball for Washington would make a difference right away.Was there a wide receiver you guys would have taken ahead of the edge rusher? Are people concerned that “4-3 defensive end” is written next to his name an awful lot on scouting services (I am not). Do we have any Daniel Jones fans out there who feel like he should have been taken here?Thanks for watching!
  23. all the way back to the summer leading up to his senior year of high school when he attended the Clemson Tigers football camp.Renfrow was a 5 foot..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on TwitterFollow Silver And Black Pride on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Clemson co-offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach Jeff Scott discusses Hunter Renfrow’s ‘sixth sense’ New Shilique Calhoun Jersey ,33commentsPDTThe legend of Hunter Renfrow at Clemson goes all the way back to the summer leading up to his senior year of high school when he attended the Clemson Tigers football camp.Renfrow was a 5 foot 10, 155 pound quarterback who had dreams of playing for the Tigers.Despite having scholarship offers from several schools in the football championship subdivision, Renfrow never did receiver an offer from Clemson.What did come from Clemson was an opportunity to join the team as a walk-on. “Hunter came to our camp going into his senior year of high school,” said Jeff Scott, Clemson University co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach, on my Just Pod Baby podcast. “He was about 155 pounds, he was a quarterback in high school.And I told him, hey we are not going to be able to offer you a scholarship but if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for we’d love to have you come walk-on.So he came and we had about 115 players and he was probably number 115 on the roster.”Renfrow would redshirt his first year at Clemson and it didn’t take coaches long to notice that they had something special on their hands.You can hear the full interview with coach Jeff Scott below.“He red shirted his freshman year,” added Scott. “And he did so well during his red shirt year in practice beating our starting defensive backs on a consistent basis that in the spring of his red shirt year we ended up giving him a scholarship in August before he ever played his first snap. That’s really rare for a walk-on to earn a scholarship before they play a snap but it was because of what he had done in just one year of practice getting open and the confidence that we had that not only was he going to play, he was going to be a very productive player for us.”The rest was history for Renfrow.In what was one of the most unlikely but storied careers, Renfrow finished his time at Clemson with 186 receptions for 2,133 yards and 15 touchdowns.He also owns the Clemson record for most starts by a receiver with 47.In 2018 he won the Burlsworth trophy, which is awarded to college football’s most outstanding player who began his career as a walk-on. And who can forget the game winner he caught from then quarterback Deshaun Watson in the 2017 CFP national championship against Alabama.During the interview with Coach Scott, I asked what are the attributes that Renfrow possess that will make him successful at the next level.“I think probably his best attribute as a receiver is just he kinda has this sixth sense if you will.He knows how to get open, he knows when to make certain breaks Connor Cook Jersey , he understands what the quarterback is looking at, what he’s looking for.And he’s just one of these guys who finds a way to get open.I use to tease him sometimes that he kind of had eyes in the back of his head because he could see things going on behind him closer to the quarterback while he’s running his routes.”As mini camp wrapped up and the Raiders practiced for the final time as a team before the start of training camp it was Renfrow who was running with the ones along side Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams.The offense has lacked a dynamic player like Renfrow in the slot for sometime now.His skill set and ability combined with Brown and Williams could take this offense to a new heights. Follow @Egroat5 After having selected Clelin Ferrell with the fourth overall pick in the draft, the Oakland Raiders used the 24th selection on running back Josh Jacobs out of Alabama. For Raiders fans wanting to..."After having selected Clelin Ferrell with the fourth overall pick in the draft, the Oakland Raiders used the 24th selection on running back Josh Jacobs out of Alabama. For Raiders fans wanting to know what Jacobs brings to the team, Samuel R. Gold did a scouting breakdown of Jacobs compared to two other top running backs available in the 2019 draft, Devin Singletary and Darrell Henderson. Not to give too much away, but Gold feels Jacobs was the best running back available in draft this year, and had him graded as a late first round or early second round pick. It obviously can be debated if the Raiders selected Jacobs earlier than necessary, but holding two of the next eleven picks, the team could afford to reach a little if the players they are targeting at 27 and 35 are more likely to remain on the board than Jacobs. So, enjoy another film breakdown, and see what Jacobs brings to field, as Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have now crossed another need off their list following reports that Marshawn Lynch does not plan to play going forward.
  24. A technical developer for OSRS Gold RuneScape, Emma is responsible for encouraging improvements over legacy code, in addition to content design and development. Emma is writer and a keen LARPer. We spoke to Hall about getting into the business, RuneScape, and also the future of esports.It probably started when I was about , when my brother got his first PlayStation, and I used to see him perform. It wasn't actually an interest at the point, just something that I was able to perform with him. It wasn't until I was and I received my hands on my own PlayStation that I really started getting into games. I had seen the commercials for Kingdom Hearts II, and that I only had to own it I have loved gaming ever since.It was only when I was which I began to consider it. I enjoyed writing stories in my free time, I loved playing with games. There was actually a way I could do so together as a job. I began applying to universities at this point with literally no previous knowledge of the gambling business, and for some unknown reason, someone saw something in me and offered me a position in a computer science and matches technology program. It's likely an unconventional narrative in the market, but it just goes to prove that you have a passion for gambling, there is not much you can't reach.I were graduated from college for around two months before I received my job. It was a strange period, working old school rs gold off and on in a neighborhood bar, having this feeling of impostor syndrome probably associated with getting essentially zero experience when compared with everybody else I'd met in my university class and halfheartedly using every now and into a games business. Sooner or later, I came across Jagex and immediately realized RuneScape as that game my brother used to play with his buddies from school he used to tempt his buddies into"The Wilderness" then steal their stuff that I wasn't certain why they kept playing him.I implemented, and inside the space of a month, I Buy cheap RuneScape gold here:
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