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    How to buy Keto Zero?

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    I remeber runescape 3 gold if dungeon

    I remeber runescape 3 gold if dungeon hunter 5 was newish, and even then you had to cover anyhwere from 60 to 90 pounds to unlock the best armour ingame, which would be replaced in the next few months. And no other mobile game will NEVER EVER have an choice to convert IN-GAME currency into a service that is paid. Games like this are a rarity and just other games which are this f2p friendly are some mobas where personalities are all available with earnable currency, and eternium are they are extremely market in terms what they provide. Appreciate your match, bruh, and respect that they really listened to you guys, rather than shitposting.I agree, bots are everywhere. In f2p worlds the resource spots are botted. New runescape players may think that upgrading is your reply to solving this. Surely people won't pay money for membership just to bot, but sadly that is the case and with bonds it is much easier than ever. One more thing that has never truly been improved is the report system. I personally believe that some of the report motives options don't clarify anything, it seems with recent posts such as that guy being banned for PKing that a streamer is considered harassment at how he murdered them. How does one harass someone at a pvp area? I understand if someone is constantly following someone about a source place despite being to share simply to stop the other runescape player from taking it since it sounds"humorous". What is harassment considered by the mods? Also abuse? Runescape game includes a block button, runescape game includes a filter for"no no words" How is it justified to prohibit someone for harassment/verbal abuse whenever there are multiple things in game to prevent OSRS Gold it. Block them if you do not like what someone is saying. Turn the filter on if you do not like words. Folks say"people should not be poisonous" But from what side of this coin are we looking at. Is the individual generally somebody who is it or is rude and horrible someone, like many who play runescape game. Buy cheap RuneScape gold here:
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    I am not hitting the Mut 20 coins

    Till I see daylight, I am not hitting the Mut 20 coins speed boost and I am light together with the left joystick. I am looking for holes and seeking to follow/not my blockers. I really don't have difficulty passing/playing D pro, it's only the run game. What am I overlooking? I can't run onto the dolphins. Edit: Thank you everyone for your replies! I've got a lot of info memorize and to try and integrate into my game. I'll be winning matches! You might be doing this too soon. I rarely hit the sprint button until I could saywow, if I struck on the sprint button I could score a touchdown on this drama! That means I'm often not hitting the sprint button till I am already 10 yards downfield on inside run and I'm not touching the dash button on outside runs until I'm past the last defender being blocked online. I have gotten a sense for holding it occasionally when I can tell the linebackers are coming up and that I only require a lawn or 2 for a first down. When I decide to use a pitch drama I use it to the goaline. Running the ball is a grind. I motion a wr to see whether it is individual or zone. It's a numbers game. You can motion him back into place, or on his own way back. Hike it now he's a half ass lead blocker. Trap performs setup inside runs to bounce stretch plays outside. However, you have to know the D line functions. It's all Gap control. If you trap a DT the protector pulls becomes your blocker. A fullback isn't going to blow the open. It's mostly going to offer you a chance to cut or fall. You have to follow the back of your jerseys that are chosen. If you have two guys engaged in a block. One is facing left the other run involving that is right. If both are forcing the defenders right. The cut back to the left is an alternative. Both are forcing the defenders right but the outside bark"seals" the external defender. Basically he's in a position to turn his back toward the sidelines. These last examples your running into the right. A visual for you. Non of buy Madden 20 coins this might not make any sense until you practice the drills.
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  7. If you've been waiting for the most-anticipated listicle of 2020, you don't need to wait anymore because we have the list of the most nerve-wracking horror movies for this year. Movies that'll make your gut wrench and stomach queasy, all at once! We already have had a couple of movies released this month and while you try and catch those, here's a list of the best horror flicks coming out this year: (1) The Grudge- January 2020 © Sony Pictures Releasing It's almost a tradition to release horror movies in the first month of the year and Hollywood lives up to it, every year. This year too, come the third day of January, and there's a new horror flick on the block! The Grudge, another retelling of the famous Japanese horror franchise is here to begin your year and this one's quite scary too. The same producer, Sam Raimi, will take you through a different take on one of the scariest films from Japan. (2) Underwater- January 2020 © 20th Century Fox Underwater basically explores the least explored part of the earth -under the sea and the new alien life that's dug out of control there, by a few marine scientists, who travel down under, well, we're not sure why! But we feel it's worth the scare with Kristen Stewart in the lead, with her team fighting smug aliens throughout the movie. The trailer is scary but could be a little more graphic perhaps? (3) Fantasy Island- February 2020 © Sony Pictures Releasing Okay, this one's quite interesting If you've ever watched the television series 'Fantasy Island' in the 70s, this one's almost the same but not in a way that's seen before. This one has an edgy, creepy twist comprising of a few people who're invited to an island to fulfil their lifelong fantasies, only to realise the hosts had another plan for them, altogether. Can give you the creeps if you're into exotic island horrors! (4) The Invisible Man - February 2020 © Universal Pictures The new take on H.G. Welles classic novel dissects issues of close personal spaces and psychopathic behaviours! Elizabeth Moss's ex-boyfriend commits suicide because she leaves him and while she may think his ghost is haunting her, it's actually him, alive, minus the flesh and blood, absolutely invisible, seeking revenge! Yeah, this one will send literal chills down your spine for sure. (5) A Quiet Place II- March 2020 © Paramount Picture John Krasinski, the television actor's unexpected talent as a filmmaker paid-off quite well in the first instalment of the movie. The script, screenplay and the action was well-directed and executed and we expect nothing less in the second part too. While he's not in the second instalment, the family is back fighting some nastier aliens to survive. (6) Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It - September 2020 © Warner Bros Pictures We don't have a trailer for this one yet but we're sure it's going to be as scary or as confusing as the first and second instalment. While James Wan isn't back to direct, there isn't any reason to mourn his absence. He'll be there in spirit for sure, as he's also the co-developer of the story, and you'll see his influence in the third part for sure. (7) Last Night In Soho - September 2020 © Foscus Features Edgar White, the director of Shaun of the Dead, will make his first horror movie called Last Night In Soho, a new mysterious horror drama with a story that's still unknown. We just have the name and the director for now and we can only hope his horror is as good as his comedy! (8) Halloween Kills - October 2020 © Universal Pictures Director David Gordon Green surprised many folks with his sequel to John Carpenter's classic, Halloween. His modern-day continuation, which saw Jamie Lee Curtis coming back to life to play Lauri Strode, didn't do that well, but it was better than most sequels this franchise has had. There isn't much known about this sequel but we know another one is to follow suit in 2021 called Halloween Ends. Let's see how this one turns out. So, there we have it. Eight daunting yet best horrors of 2020. There is word going around that the Saw franchise is releasing something mid-year too, but we'll add that to the list once we're certain what it is. For now, catch these as and when they release, if you have balls of steel, that is. View the full article
  8. We call Shah Rukh Khan the "King Khan" of Bollywood. But that's not all about him. He is also the "Badshah" of fashion who has, time and again, given us some impeccable lessons on how to make anything look good. His style mantra is simple and even that's head-turning! © Viral Bhayani Recently, he made a fashion "mistake" by wearing loose pants and yet he pulled it off quite effortlessly. While we were still not over that look, he was seen wearing a royal outfit at Dance Plus 5. The dazzling white dhoti pants and the Sherwani made an undeniable statement at the event and we couldn't help but admire his look. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani The minimal aesthetics of this traditional ensemble is portrayed quite tastefully. The Sherwani looks timeless and the golden buttons on it add more to the phrase "less is more". What's more striking is the way he has paired it with white dhoti pants. Add to that, the green printed pocket square and brown monk straps brought more mileage to his royal debonair. © Viral Bhayani This is not the only time when King Khan has proved that he is a fashion icon. He has convinced us that he can easily slay ethnic ensembles with total panache. When he is not making a royal statement, he is usually seen in relaxed pants and checked shirt and even then, he instantly strikes a chord with us. All in all, SRK's traditional garb is as classy as it can get and this masterstroke has left us inspired. Kudos to you, King! View the full article
  9. Ever seen a product review on YouTube and felt like the reviewer saved you some cash from buying an inferior product? Looks like corporations are stepping in to make these well-intentioned PSAs a thing of the past. On January 15th, the Mumbai High Court cleared a request by FMCG giant Marico Limited for an interim injunction (a temporary remedy during court proceedings) against Abhijeet Bhansali. Bhansali is a grooming/men's lifestyle YouTuber/Vlogger with over 150,000 subscribers, and got in trouble for a recent video where he picked apart a well-known choice - Parachute Coconut Oil. Marico claims that Bhansali made 'disparaging claims' about their product, and the negative publicity was causing them irreparable damage. Bhansali's channel, named 'Bearded Chokra' - has been active since 2016, and focuses on rankings and reviews of men's cosmetic products, along with health and fitness vlogs. His channel was featured last year on the official 'YT Creators India' page, under the Lifestyle section as well. The trouble began when he uploaded a video titled 'Is Parachute Coconut Oil 100% Pure?' In the video, Bhansali went on to compare Parachute's oil to an unspecified organic brand of cold-pressed oil, and illustrated various shortcomings of the former through his own set of tests. He explained how it was of an inferior quality and was likely to be made from poor-quality coconuts - ending with a verdict that “it is only good for cooking - nothing else.” While this may seem like a common theme amongst YouTubers who review everything from smartphones to broadband subscriptions, Marico had to do some legal legwork to get Justice SJ Kathawalla on their side for the interim injunction that resulted in the video takedown order. First, they had to prove that Bhansali had made false statements in his video, secondly that the statements were made maliciously or recklessly and finally, that the video caused 'special damages' to Marico. What Does This Mean For Influencers? The bottom line of Justice Kathawalla's observations is as follows: According to the judge, these influencers often “employ the goodwill they enjoy amongst their followers/viewers to promote a brand, support a cause or persuade them to do or omit doing an act.” As a result, he noted, social media influencers like Bhansali have “the power to influence the public mind.” The judge held that this meant they can make statements with the “same impunity available to an ordinary person.” It's the old adage of 'with great power, comes great responsibility.' Furthermore, Marico presented the judge with the video's outreach statistics at 232,000+ views, along with several comments claiming that they would stop using Parachute's product and share the video with others. Amusingly, the court order has driven even more people to watch the video before it eventually gets taken down. What's clear, however, is that the judge's words are much more than observations. The quotes made above can definitely be cited in future cases, and provides a strong precedent for influencers to assert caution when it comes to their reviews. In Bhansali's case, it seems like his method of analysis and superlative language have made him unfavourable in the eyes of the court. Meanwhile, The Quint suggests that the court's order may help displeased companies 'looking to get an unflattering review taken down'. Intellectual property lawyers Eashan Ghosh suggests that while influencers should not be worried about being able to freely create content, they need to hold the 'research' purported in their videos to be adequately believable and credible. © Twitter “This is a controversial but important warning to influencers: if your content about a product or service conveys an impression that it is based on research, courts will probe into whether the research reasonably supports the content,” he said. “Not just that, you will have to withstand efforts by the commercial entity that puts the product or service on the market to discredit your research.” Perhaps in the future, influencers and content creators will have to take the scripts for their videos a bit more seriously. Bhansali, for example, focused only on criticising a single product - perhaps the court would have been more supportive if he had explained the science behind his testing methods and included more products to make the review fairer. With more and more TikTok hopefuls and social media voices wanting their opinions on everything to be heard, it's only prudent to point out that a large majority of these influencers are emulating review/vlogging templates set by foreign creators. What may work within their legal framework may not work here - and as Justice Kathawalla pointed out early in the court session, the 'expansion and commercialisation' of the Internet will continue to bring about 'new kinds of legal disputes'. Let's hope both our influencers and our legal framework can handle them, responsibly. View the full article
  10. It's that time of the year, when both parents and kids will be dreading to answer any phone calls that have 'relative' or 'padosi' written on the contact card. Why? Because the result of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main was recently released and as expected, people who never call us throughout the year will call us to know 'kitne marks aaye?' or 'apka bacha pass hua?' But, the twin brothers from Delhi, Nishant and Pranav Agarwal don't have to worry about announcing their scores because they got 100 and 99.93 percentile respectively. The 17-year-olds spent 10-12 hours daily to prepare for the exams, clear any doubts they had and used to motivate each other at the end of the day, according to reports. © Twitter While most people take up dancing, reading, singing, painting or cooking as hobbies; these two brothers love taking exams and call it their passion. In fact, they love it so much that that are going to take the exam again. The brother who got 99.93 wants to take the exam again to improve his rank. "My brother being among the highest scorers has motivated me. I am happy for him but will appear for the test again and try to improve my rank," Pranav told Indian Express. © Twitter And the one who got 100 Percentile will appear for the April session again because they love taking tests. Seriously, what? Who can possibly love exams? While they will take the exam again out of love and passion, y'all who didn't get through this, don't lose hope. This isn't the end, you can always appear for it again if you want to. Don't get disheartened or disappointed by others' scores. The brothers are now aiming to study at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) View the full article
  11. Brand collaborations are the most exciting crossovers that result in never-seen-before designs. We're talking sneaker collaboration with artists or sneaker collaboration within brands, shout out to the Reebok x Adidas sneaker collaboration, and even fast-fashion crossover with high street labels. For example, H&M is quick to collaborate with high-fashion each year with crossovers with labels like Moschino, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Versace, Alexander Wang, Giambattista Valli making them more accessible to people with products that are retailed at reasonable prices. H&M, for its upcoming collaboration, has roped in Sabyasachi. This only means we're soon going to witness the Sabyasachi aesthetic in an H&M store. Take a look here: View this post on Instagram Follow your wanderlust into the whimsical world of #SabyasachixHM. The collaboration with the global fashion brand H&M launches across H&M stores in India as well as selected H&M flagship stores around the world and online at and Myntra, 16 April 2020 #Sabyasachi #HMIndia #HM #Myntra @hm @myntra #TheWorldOfSabyasachi A post shared by Sabyasachi Mukherjee (@sabyasachiofficial) on Jan 21, 2020 at 12:03am PST It's interesting to note that this is going to be H&M's first-ever crossover with an Indian label. “Having done couture for the majority of my career, it is very exciting to bring that finesse of craft to 'ready-to-wear' and create whimsical and fluid silhouettes that bring relaxed sophistication to everyday life,” Sabyasachi said. View this post on Instagram Follow your wanderlust into the whimsical world of #SabyasachixHM. The collaboration with the global fashion brand H&M launches across H&M stores in India as well as selected H&M flagship stores around the world and online at and Myntra, 16 April 2020 #Sabyasachi #HMIndia #HM #Myntra @hm @myntra #TheWorldOfSabyasachi A post shared by Sabyasachi Mukherjee (@sabyasachiofficial) on Jan 21, 2020 at 12:37am PST The Sabyasachi x H&M collection is expected to offer both clothes and accessories for men and women. The collaboration is themed 'Wanderlust' and is going to present hand-crafted and eclectic travel pieces with a mix of modern and traditional silhouettes tilting towards athleisure. The major highlight of the collection is going to be Indian textile and native patterns that have been brought to life by the Sabyasachi Art Foundation. A sneak peek of this collection can be seen on Sabysachi's and H&M's Instagram handles. The collection is going to launch on 16 April 2020, and is going to be available in H&M stores and on the official site as well as on Myntra. View the full article
  12. When you hear about a wedding being called off owing to 'family disagreement', one assumes it's due to a difference of opinion, a clash between the two families, cultural differences or probably a thousand more weird reasons. However, in this piece of news that we came across today, we are simply stumped to find out that the reason was an affair between the bride's mother and the groom's father. Turns out, the two eloped together, leaving the soon-to-be married kids in a fix. © freepik As per this TOI report, the man from Katargam and the woman from Navsari shared a history together which left the families in quite an embarrassing situation. The groom's father is a local politician in Amreli district and it was revealed that he knew the bride's mother from their college days. The couple was engaged for a year and the wedding was scheduled for February. Some relatives revealed that they once lived in the same society but the woman eventually married another man. We have watched movies like Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai where the best friend realises his love for his soon-to-be-married friend and there are other stories of wedding romances that keep making their way on social media. However, we have never heard of a bride's mother eloping with the groom's father because that is something way too bizarre! View the full article
  13. The moment anyone talks about Jason Momoa, the first thing that comes to our minds is the fiery Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones or the powerful Aquaman. Basically, a tough guy who you don't want to mess with. But, in reality, Jason Momoa is one of the sweetest people in the world and he proved it once again, when he visited UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and made their day. © Insatgram He posted pictures of the same on his Instagram and wrote, "The greatest part of being aquaman is making children happy spreading aloha had a little time before work to stop by UPMC children's hospital of pittsburgh met so many brave strong babies all my aloha to the families. me and joshua bet that if he beat me in arm wresting he gets to have my trident. see u on set of aquaman 2 joshua. stay strong @childrenspgh aloha." View this post on Instagram the greatest part of being aquaman is making children happy spreading aloha had a little time before work to stop by UPMC children's hospital of pittsburgh met so many brave strong babies all my aloha to the families. me and joshua bet that if he beat me in arm wresting he gets to have my trident. see u on set of aquaman 2 joshua. stay strong @childrenspgh aloha j A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on Jan 20, 2020 at 7:12am PST While he was there, he challenged a young champ, Joshua, to an arm wrestling match. He challenged the young boy and the bet was that if he won then Joshua will get his trident and also visit the set of Aquaman 2. And Joshua won, he defeated the big guy in arm wrestling and that's how we found two superheroes, right here in the video. In the video, Joshua's mother asks him whose muscles are bigger and he says "Mine". Honestly, this video and the pictures of Jason meeting all the children is really sweet and his fans can't stop praising him for his actions. Love this. That little boy has a lifetime memory. — colabyrd6250 (@colabyrd6250) January 21, 2020 You are our hero, Jason. Those children will never forget what you did. ð — SUSAN DI GIORGIO (@susan00696838) January 21, 2020 It takes someone with a very big heart â¤ï¸ to take time to come and spend with these sick kidsððWell done Jason Mamoa God bless you. — Anita L.S. (@AnitaLS2) January 21, 2020 We love you Jason, and your big heart — Kimberly Watson (@kwatson7279) January 20, 2020 Love him , he has such a beautiful spirit. Love and blessings to all the children and families. — CINDY FREUND (@freundcindy00) January 20, 2020 Thanks for your Big heart, Jason! We are so glad you're in Pittsburgh and thinking of others. Your a special guy! Thanks ð! — Dana Knight (@Faithhillfan1) January 20, 2020 I love this @PrideOfGypsiesJ youre a real superhero and inspiration. You ARE Aquaman, thanks for all you do for the world and your art — Austin Daniels #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@AustinDanielsDC) January 20, 2020 View the full article
  14. Recently, a video has surfaced on the internet of a policeman stealing packets of milk kept outside of a shop in Noida. The incident was caught on CCTV and has been going viral since then. In the video, the police constable can be seen patrolling and is roaming around the crates in which milk packets are kept outside a store to which it belongs. After a few minutes, the cop is seen taking two packets of milk from the crates and walking towards the parked patrol vehicle. He is also seen handing over a packet of milk to another cop who is sitting inside the police car. ANI took to its Twitter and wrote, “Policeman seen stealing packets of milk in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, yesterday.” #WATCH Policeman seen stealing packets of milk in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, yesterday. (Source: CCTV footage) — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) January 20, 2020 According to NDTV, in UP, the police commissionerate system has been assured that the policing system will improve and will upgrade from its present state. Here's what the netizens have to say about this – Some people sided with the cops saying that, “this shows how we need to upgrade their salaries.” @Uppolice PLEASE INCREASE SALARIES OF THEM THAT'S THE BEST SOLUTION — Imranspeaks (@Imran27940140) January 20, 2020 Y bhi insan hai raat ko duty kr rhe hai humare liye agr inho ne etni thand me ek pkt milk le liya chaye ke liye to Kya glt kr Diya — abhi bhardwaj (@abhibha51553329) January 21, 2020 यॠVideo à¤à¤¸ बात à¤à¤¾ सबà¥à¤¤ हॠà¤à¤¿ हमारॠपà¥à¤²à¤¿à¤¸ पर धà¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤¨ दà¥à¤¨à¥ à¤à¥ à¤à¤°à¥à¤°à¤¤ हà¥, à¤à¤ à¤à¤ à¤à¤¦à¤®à¥ सॠà¤à¤¤à¤¨à¤¾ à¤à¤¾à¤® à¤à¤°à¤¾à¤¯à¤¾ à¤à¤¾ रहा हà¥, à¤à¤° à¤à¤¸à¤à¥ बदलॠमà¥à¤ à¤à¤¨à¥à¤¹à¥à¤ वॠमà¥à¤²à¤­à¥à¤¤ सà¥à¤µà¤¿à¤¾à¤à¤ नहà¥à¤ मिल रहà¥à¤ à¤à¤¿à¤¨à¤à¥ यॠहà¤à¤¦à¤¾à¤° हà¥à¤à¥¤ — Dushyant Singh Chauhan (@dushyant_20) January 21, 2020 Thand hai bhai...chai banani hogi. — RV (@PhuckIt_List) January 21, 2020 A few people trolled the cops mercilessly and we can't stop laughing. Cheap cheeeee-ip — Skytouch (@Annkul777) January 20, 2020 Abey yaar samjh nahi aa raha hai.. ye police wale ko kya kahun bechara kahu ya chor kahunðððððð — urmil RAUTELA ð®ð³ð®ð³ (@Tum_aur_main) January 21, 2020 — Sensible (@Sensibleindia81) January 20, 2020 — Vasuli Bhai (@BhaiVasuli) January 20, 2020 Looked like he was investigating something. Finding out whether it was milk, butter, buttermilk, yoghurt, cheese or verifying it's quality and make . — ... ..- .-. .- .--- (@suraj_vinay) January 21, 2020 UP police making us proud everyday. — Ansar (@AbulAnsar) January 20, 2020 The video has already garnered around 70K views and more than 3.7K likes on Twitter. What do you think about the incident? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  15. Varun Dhawan has been on a sartorial adventure ever since Street Dancer 3D happened, and rightfully so. Right from crazy sneakers to statement outfits, he has been experimenting with his outfits quite a bit, which might be uncharacteristically flamboyant for him, some may say. However, he has been doing complete justice to all of them in spite of some of the pieces being rather edgy. He just reminded us of that once more, when he wore a pair of super weird shiny velvet trousers to the airport. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Quite a pair, huh? They look extremely comfortable, but the shiny velvet extravagance make them perfect for a planned disco evening. The sheen and fit may not exactly be versatile enough to be worn casually, but like Varun just proved, there are no hard and fast rules in fashion. © Viral Bhayani We like how Varun paired them with a baggy white graffiti hoodie and a cap of the same grey colour. © Viral Bhayani The fact that he kept the sneakers basic but edgy at the same time, speaks volumes about how he knows not to push an outfit over the edge. © Viral Bhayani All the best for the movie, Varun. Hope the dance moves in it are as crazy as these trousers. View the full article
  16. Celebrities are a major influence in today's time who have actually made fashion a big thing. But the real people who make it all happen are the stylists behind these celebrities who conceptualise different looks, keeping in mind their personality. To understand more, we spoke to noted celebrity stylists Priyanka Shahani & Kazim Delhiwala. Known as The Vainglorious on Instagram, the duo have put together some suave looks for stars including Kartik Aaryan, Varun Dhawan, Ranbir Kapoor and many more B-town hunks. Taking inspiration from the 70s, even their personal taste talks about rock 'n' roll and glam goth. The other thing that's quite explicit about their styling is that they ensure it is relatable for the masses. We caught up with the duo and understood every detail of what goes into styling these impeccable stars: How do you come up or think of aesthetics when you are creating a celebrity look? It is quite collaborative. We try and understand where they are going. The idea is to have a look that reflects the mood and the vibe for that particular event. Keeping in mind the aesthetics, we make sure the celebrity is well-dressed as per the occasion. © Instagram/The Vainglorious How do you go about creating looks for Kartik Aaryan? Kartik, until last year, wore a lot of oversized silhouettes. He is very approachable and that's the same with his style as well. But for his last promotion, we went a little more luxurious than we usually do. We went for fancy brands and Kartik was able to knock it out of the park. While he is approachable, we also wanted to show that his style is a lot more refined. What cues do you need to keep in mind when you are styling Varun Dhawan? Varun's personal style is very funky and he likes to add that element even in his outfits. It doesn't matter where he is going, he doesn't like to go classic. Because he has such an exuberant personality, he wants to be in sync with his energy. © Instagram/The Vainglorious Ranbir Kapoor seems to be a massive sneakerhead. How do you factor that in his style? Ranbir is an OG sneakerhead. No one has street cred as he does. It comes entirely from him, so we don't have much to do with his fine taste in sneakers. We style him closest to his personality and then look at his collection and factor that into his style. What is that one current trend that you see today on the ramp, that has the potential of making it big among common, regular people in the future? Flared jeans, it's going to blow up. We aren't saying we don't do slim jeans anymore but the super skinny ones, we despise them to be honest. Flared jeans, on the other hand, are going to be the next big thing. What is that one fashion trend that you don't like, or don't agree with? Super skinny jeans and cropped jeans. Back in 2005, this trend was acceptable. It is absolutely overdone now. © Instagram/The Vainglorious What are some must-have staples that men and women alike should hoard in their closets? A vintage leather jacket. Besides that, you should definitely hoard Chelsea boots. Both of them have a rock n' roll vibe to them. You should also have a pair of selvedge raw denim. They are crisp and factor well with your style. What is your take on androgynous and gender-fluid fashion? We hope to live in a future where gender is hardly relevant and we are all in for androgyny. We have even styled celebrities in such looks and it looks really good. © Instagram/ The Vainglorious How would you define your signature style? Rock 'N' Roll One historical era that you find extremely fashionable? We have to say the '70s because of the bell bottoms. There are so many other silhouettes from this era that are instant love for us. © Instagram/The Vainglorious One celebrity who can teach everyone else a lesson or two on how to pull off the Indian aesthetic elegantly, when it comes to menswear. We love dressing Ranbir Kapoor in Indian clothes. We have put together outfits from Indian designers and one of the kurtas he wore became famous as the 'Ranbir Kapoor Kurta'. He is someone who already has the panache for Indian clothes so for us, it has to be him. One thing men should never do while dressing up in traditional Indian wear. You can get really beautiful clothes at reasonable prices but don't cheap out on it. It's about the craftsmanship in Indian wear that is quite exquisite here. © Instagram/The Vainglorious One traditional menswear item you believe every Indian man should have in his wardrobe, and why. A Bandhgala. You can wear it to an event or evening soirees. Whenever there's a dress code, this one transcends well and is permitted to be worn everywhere. You can dress it up with chinos, trousers or breeches. Buying a style that's authentic will rev up your attire. Make sure you steer clear of fabrics like synthetic as it can take away the authenticity. Ethereal, elysian, and sublime - these words can often be used to describe the ensembles and outfits that we have seen Bollywood celebrities wear. However, more often than not, there is an entire team of people, working behind the scenes to bring us some iconic and memorable statement ensembles. As a series, Style Pundits looks at the eccentric people behind these ensembles and celebrates the ever-changing notions that have come to define India's sartorial sensibilities and the fluidity of our style. View the full article
  17. Healing FX CBD It will control all your issues that are occurring because of the excess work pressure, joint pain or muscle ache. This oil has the ability to fighting with all your ailments. So, without any further adieu know more about Healing FX CBD Oil in this review and understand its usage and much more.
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  19. The debate that is buy rs 3 gold actual is we should care. If their cash is spent by folks in a means that makes them happy so what? And when parents dont understand their child is devoting tens of thousands of dollars from them it doesnt effect me. Let these people are marketed to by them, they are paying people to manage the runescape games we enjoy. My take on this is evidenced by the amount of time I have played Runescape so take it or take that it is an experienced perspective- up to you. The issue is that if money is made by a casino from gambling, the experience of no one becomes less legitimate. No one else's car becomes worse or devalued when an automobile sells for a thousand dollars at auction. When Jagex discovered that Runescape microtransactions can make them substantial sums of money, the energy creep in terms of dollar to xp, in addition to the sheer number of concurrent forms their microtransactions took (membership fee, membership bonds, rune coins, and loyalty points, chest keys, battlepass) created the runescape game demonstrably/empirically worse over time to the extent that many of us have stopped enjoying the runescape game. In this instance I would rather have a"slippery slope" in terms of legislation as opposed to the slippery slope of gambling, far too often meaning children gambling away-their parent's cash. Due to the subscription nature of the runescape game it is not unusual for parents to tie their charge card to an account to pay for the subscription before considering how the runescape game might have real-money gaming within it. Saying that a kid needs"professional assistance" for falling into the effective pull of a well-crafted Skinner Box is not just naive, it is being willfully ignorant to the facts behind irregular reinforcement and notably the susceptibility of kids. It's easy to point fingers at the parents and blame them for their kids amassing a massive debt, but kids are kids and do not know better, and nothing regarding Runescape makes it seem like a real-money gaming game and most parents could assume (rightfully so) a subscription-based game promoted heavily towards the summer bunch (12-21) would have some such gambling system implemented. I am not naive that I think there is no psychology behind marketing and it is appeal OSRS Gold to kids who do not have any concept of the power of leverage, nor do I expect children to fully comprehend how a credit card/real world money functions. In addition, I understand the landscape has shifted to where in-game buys are basically a part of every game nowadays.But I am also not naive enough to completely disregard the concept of a slippery slope here, or the chance that any knee-jerk reaction involving regulation might set a dangerous precedent for business vs. personal responsibility. Buy cheap RuneScape gold here:
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  21. 2 Days back I ask how she is doing and see her online so I message her. Now I'm rs gold 2007 at work so that I wasn't able to stay on mobile long, I went back to work and put my phone away. An hour or so after I go to check out my phone and her name is gone from my friends list, I can't find any record of her character anywhere. She has not logged on to nothing and discord in mobile phone. Nothing. I can reach out to Blizzard who'll look into circumstances such as this.Looking guy, it has a great deal of promise. As a fellow fan of RuneScape, I have just 1 suggestion: try to keep"runescape player interaction" in mind with every system design choice you make. To use a specific example, RS made lots of changes over the years that took off what I enjoyed in runescape, and one of the largest ones was the marketplace. I recall taking my fishing and mining wares into the roads and advertising them back throughout classic RS, as there wasn't any Auction House of types at that time. In addition to that, it only took a very long time to get to the high degrees of a transaction skill, meaning that people had to rather focus on a couple. If everyone is the best at everything, or also make it easy to buy and sell goods, the economy breaks down. My metric about a MMO is that you want runescape players to feel a sense of growth and achievement, but also a need for other adventurers' strengths. WoW used to be good at this due to professions. It is really cool to generate a name for yourself and the only way that you can do that is if encourage runescape player action and runescape player strengths/weaknesses. It is a fine line to tow between also grindy or difficult and too simple, but you'll have a solid core match, in the event that you can mange it. Well, if jagex wishes to go down this street about we really compare runescape to The Elder Scrolls Online. I think we all understand the nature of the monetization in runescape, but if anyone requires a list. So what do you get together with ESO? Well, only from buying runescape you receive the Morrowind expansion, which can be one of the best and greatest expansions in addition to full access to the base game. That alone is a few hundred hours worth of fully fleshed out content with full voice acting on each character (including a few celebrity voices). What is more, you aren't locked from these items from the other expansions - you don't have access to the areas to create/get them yet you're free to exchange for them from any runescape participant who does have access - the equal of members things being available to free runescape players from RS. Let us talk monetization in ESO. There are two forms - that the ESO+ subscription which cheap runescape 3 gold we could see here is already cheaper than a runescape subscription; also there's the"top" money in the form of crowns. There is no cover to triumph, there are no weapons and gear which make runescape easier, you can not just buy progress outright. It all makeup from houses, armor pieces, as well as hairstyles. You do get the option to buy expansions which once you have outright they can't be taken away from you. To provide a contrast to runescape, it would be like being able to buy access to e.g. that the Kingdom of Kandarin for the cost of 1-2 month's subscription and then having permanent access to it whether you've membership or never. So far this sounds reasonable.
  22. Features like the gold wow classic dungeon finder, which forms parties of gamers for multiplayer content, created dungeon crawling impersonal at the same time although considerably more efficient. Unless I decided to begin raiding or engaging in hardcore player-versus-player content, there's just no reason for me to rely on other people in modern World of Warcraft. Old-school Azeroth is not friendly to solo gamers. I've died a dozen or more occasions the level 10-20 zone outside of Stormwind, in Westfall, trying to play with a 2004 game as a player used to life in 2019. There are enemies everywhere, wandering the landscape and packed into camps. They hit hard and are hard to kill. Taking in an even-leveled monster eats most of my mage's mana. Taking on two even-leveled creatures is risky. I've needed to use my mage's Sheep spell turning an enemy into a critter. Taking on three or even more creatures that are even-leveled is suicide. I had died four occasions at the camp away from the coast attempting to take on many of the fishman monsters at the same time, before a random player invited me to join their group. We gleefully stomped those bastards that were aquatic, rolling down and up the coastline casting charms and swinging swords. Players would combine and leave our party that is ramshackle.Part of the success has a whole lot to do with how the official deadline of the game has unfolded in a single line from 2004 until now. Most games feel to a certain point in history, or--like, say, The Witcher 3--have a timelessness springing from the mywowgold fact which you can play them over and over again provided that you've got a supporting system.World of Warcraft, however, has a dedicated high-population multiplayer base, a constantly evolving narrative and world, an old age for a match, and a sustained faction rivalry that provide it a linear history that few other games have.
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  25. HP has been making some of the most incredible laptops lately and their new Spectre x360 is one of those notebooks that was designed to impress. The Spectre line up, for those of you who don't know, has a lot of premium notebooks and they're known for their performance and sleek design. HP recently updated its Spectre x360 for 2019 and it's arguably one of the best two-in-one notebooks we've used so far. Well, I've been using the new 2019 HP Spectre x360 for quite some time now, and here's my full review. 1. Design and Build Quality © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP When it comes to the design of the Spectre x360, there's hardly anything to complain about. It's by far the most beautiful laptop I've ever used and I am coming from the Alienware m15 R2, which I touted to be amongst the most beautiful gaming laptops. It has a top-notch build quality and it screams premium from any and all angles you look at it from. I specifically like how the top left and right corners of the notebook are diagonal. There's a power button on the side whereas there's an additional USB Type-C port on the other, which I mostly use for charging. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP Since this is a two-in-one notebook, it's furnished with a 360-degree hinge. You can rotate the screen and transform it into a tablet-like device or set it up in tent mode, which is great for watching media. Quite frankly, I wasn't expecting to use the X360 in the tablet mode, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't. In fact, using the x360 in the tablet mode is what I found myself doing the most. The touchscreen experience was great, at least better than forcing myself to touch the screen while using it in the normal mode. And since it's so lightweight (under 1.5Kg), it was super easy for me to carry it around. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP If you are looking for a premium laptop with the exceptional build quality, then I'd say look no further. The HP Spectre x360 is one of the most attractive laptops out there and the fact that it's so portable, makes it an easy sell. It simply looks astounding. 2. Display The variant which I got to review came with a 13.3-inch 4K AMOLED panel. All the HP Spectre x360 panels measure 13.3-inch and they all support multi-touch in order to be used in the tablet mode. Though the touch screen works without any issues with fingers, HP is giving a stylus at no extra cost with every purchase of the Spectre x360. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP That's great because it comes in handy at times and buying one can usually be quite expensive. The display is protected with Corning Gorilla glass, so you don't have to worry about any scratches or damages even while using it in the tablet mode. Regardless of the mode that I was using it in, the display was fantastic. And it's an AMOLED panel, it had deep blacks and punchy colours, which is how I like the displays. Watching Netflix, or simply browsing through different web pages looked great on this notebook. And it's a 4k panel, so everything was nice and crispy too. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP It's also on-point when it comes to brightness and colour accuracy. The 4k model isn't available in all the market, but if it's available where you live and if your budget allows for it, then I'd say just go for this one. It's so worth the extra money. 3. Keyboard and Trackpad The HP Spectre has a chiclet-style keyboard with well-spaced keys and decent travel. As a writer, I completely enjoyed using the keyboard to churn out articles. I can always appreciate hefty clicks and satisfying responses, and that's exactly what I got from the Spectre. It's an attractive keyboard with a large and easy-to-read font. The keys also have two levels of backlighting, so you won't have any issues using it at night. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP As for the trackpad, well, I'd say it's pretty decent. I would've preferred a slightly larger trackpad, but given the fact that the Spectre x360 itself has a pretty small form factor, there's not much room to complain. But other than that, I think the trackpad is pretty solid. It has Windows Precision Drivers and it had absolutely no trouble keeping up with my rapid movements. Also, since the Spectre x360 has a touch panel, I found myself using it more often than using the trackpad itself for things like selecting an item, copy and paste, etc. There's also a fingerprint scanner on the keyboard deck to let you get in using Windows Hello. 4. Ports © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP The HP Spectre x360 won't satisfy your hunger for ports, but I promise that it won't leave you hanging in search of a dongle. On the left side, you get a drop-down USB A port along with a headphone jack. On the right, you get two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a microSD card slot and a switch to kill the webcam. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP Yeah, it doesn't have too many ports, but I think it's just enough to keep you going. I just wish one of the thunderbolt 3 ports was on the other side of the laptop, so I could charge it from either side. But that's just me and it's nothing to worry about. 5. Audio © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP The Spectre x360's speakers are below the chassis, which is probably the worst place to put a speaker. There are no two ways about it. I mean, they're still good enough to fill a medium-sized room but imagine but there's still something missing. The speakers are tuned by Bang and Olufsen, but that doesn't really make up for the poor placement. It sounds nice and crispy, but don't expect anything that would make you want to get and dance. 6. Performance The variant which I reviewed was equipped with a 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. During my usage, I'd say the laptop managed to hold up pretty well for my everyday use. I didn't encounter any snags while using it, which is always a good sign. This isn't a gaming laptop, so I obviously didn't use it to check off a couple of Fortnite matches. But it managed to handle a stress test by loading about 15 odd Google Chrome tabs, out of which many of them were playing videos. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP The new 10nm chipset gives the Spectre x360 upgraded Iris Plus graphics. It managed to score well over 18,000 on Geekbench test surpassing some other competing laptops in this space. Honestly, I won't be surprised if you managed to load Fortnite and get a couple of "Victory Royale" as long as you're not cranking up the graphics. Overall, I'd say the HP Spectre x360 is a powerful machine that can take care of all your day-to-day tasks without any issues. The added versatility of having a touch panel and stylus makes it very useful in many scenarios. This is the kind of laptop that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a portable and powerful notebook for college or work. 7. Battery Life I am usually very sceptical about the battery life when it comes to super portable machines like this, but the HP Spectre x360 was beyond surprising. I was constantly getting around 10 to 11 hours of battery life with my workload on a daily basis and that's quite impressive. In fact, I never bothered carrying the charger to work with me knowing that I have enough juice to push through a regular day. It's that good. Obviously, it'll depend on the kind of work you're doing too, but I'd say it'll still give impressive battery performance. 8. The Final Say © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP So, the HP Spectre x360 starts at Rs. 1,24,990 in India. The variant which I got to review will cost you Rs. 1,74,990, which is a lot of money. However, I think the HP Spectre x360 is definitely worth it. Yes, there are a lot of other 2-in-1's in the market, but I doubt if any of them are nearly as premium as the Spectre x360. And the fact that it's fitted with the latest and the greatest hardware, makes it a really compelling option. A beautiful design, compact form factor, slim bezels around the display, and stellar battery life. Honestly, if it wasn't for the poorly placed speakers on this laptop, I would've given it a perfect score. If you're looking for an ultraportable laptop for your day-to-day work with great build quality and impressive performance, then I'd say just get the HP Spectre x360. You won't be disappointed with your purchase. View the full article
  26. 1917, is one of the best war-films released in 2019 across the globe and on 17 Jan, 2020 in India, that is sweeping the award season this year. But the reason why 1917 is so unique is that the film design makes the viewer believe that everything was shot in one single cut. Set in April 1917, the film takes place during the first World War. Germans have retreated back from the French territory mysteriously and without warning, later, it's found out that it's a trap set by the Germans. The British Battalion of 1600 men set to attack the Germans on the Hindenburg Line the next morning could potentially lose their lives in this trap. The film follows the mission of two soldiers Dean-Charles Chapman as Lance Corporal Blake and George MacKay as Lance Corporal Schofield who are asked to deliver the message to the battalion and further asking them to stand down. The pair has to cross the vast "no man's land" filled with the debris of dead soldiers and scavengers feasting on these bodies. © DreamWorks Pictures This anti-war film doesn't follow the generic format of the war-genre with a redemptive arc for the protagonist. Instead, the film focuses on making this mission an experiential one. You'll feel like following the two soldiers. Directed and co-written by Sam Mendes, the film features Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Claire Duburcq, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch among others in pivotal roles. With stunning visuals and exceptional narrative, the film has historical roots but is certainly not based on a true story. Here are seven real-life historical connections with the film that make the narrative even more compelling. © DreamWorks Pictures 1. Sam Mendes's grandfather, Alfred H. Mendes served as a soldier in World War 1 for the British army on the Western Front and was sent on a mission in which he had to traverse across the âno man's landâ. However, the plotline in this film is largely inspired by his experience and the characters are fictional. The mission was written by the scriptwriters and most events are fabricated versions of the real-life event. The narrative to save a soldier's brother and his entire battalion is an incredible tale but it's important to note that the story is necessarily not a true one. © DreamWorks Pictures 2. It's true that the Germans obliterated everything in their wake, that could potentially be used by the Allies while retreating, creating a vast âno man's landâ. Roads, bridges, and water pipes were all destroyed in case the Allies moved forwards. Instead, booby-traps and barbed wire were set up which is represented in the extremely authentic set design in 1917. Itâs partly based on real-life events. © DreamWorks Pictures 3. In real life, Mendes's grandfather was given the Military Medal after volunteering to locate soldiers during the Battle of Passchendaele. This instance inspired the discussion between the two soldiers in the film about the honour of a military medal. McKay's character had received one and claimed it as a "piece of tin" that he traded for wine when he was thirsty. While Chapman's character held it as a symbol of pride and was rather excited to receive one. © DreamWorks Pictures 4. During the war, these trenches went on for miles of complicated twists and turns. The trenches on the Western Front were a pivotal feature of WWI and were created with as much accuracy as possible in the film. They hired a British Army veteran, Paul Biddiss, to act as a technical adviser to make these trenches in the film look as authentic as possible. The crew had dug about 2,500 feet of trenches by the end of it. © DreamWorks Pictures 5. In the timeline that this movie is set up, in real time, the First Battle of Passchendaele (or the Third Battle of Ypres) was underway. The battle that occurs in the film is heavily modeled on the Battle of Poelcappelle, which took place during the previously mentioned battles. This battle too was based on misleading information, much like it was in the movie. During this battle, the Allies thought they had an advance, but in reality, they did not. © DreamWorks Pictures 6. The background characters in the film are seen passing time by performing certain actions that were actually done by soldiers as they 'waited' for the battle to take place. Army Veteran, Paul Biddiss lent his expertise in assigning them tasks or leisure activities possible at the front. These included using candles to kill lice, filling sandbags, or even playing chess with buttons. © DreamWorks Pictures 7. 6 April, 1917, the date the film is set is based on the events that took place on 5 April. During the war, the Germans moved their troops to the Hindenburg Line along the Aisne River. The dispute between the Allies seeing it as a 'retreat' and the Germans seeking resources and a better location was actually based on real events. Besides, 6 April was the date that the Americans entered the war. Source: SCREENRANT View the full article
  27. Народ, кто пробовал форсколин комбить с артишоком (или по отдельности)? Есть какой эффект? Прост раньше попадалась инфа на редит, что комба сильно бустит память и соображалку. И еще на паре ноотропных сайтах читал, сперва на карфаре, а сегодня тут увидел. Но пишут, что сильно кислотность желудочную повышает и иммунку ослабляет пока принимаешь!? Или может кто знает какие другие нормальные ноотропы без побочек (типа бакопы или лимонника)? Желательно травки.
  28. Sometimes in order to look for some real-life inspiration and motivation to do big in life, one needs to look away from the Bollywood crowd of star kids or big names in the world who are an heir to an ocean of wealth awaiting their reign. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon and therefore, there is a strong magnetic force in the stories of some real life self-made people who fight all odds to make it big in life. Here are 7 self-made Indian billionaires under the age of 40 who are a source of inspiration to every millennial out there: 1. Ritesh AgarwalRitesh is only 25 years of age but is already a prime example of a successful, self-made millennial. Oyo Hotels is worldâs third largest growing chain of hotels and is showing no sign of stopping. His net worth is around Rs 7,500 crore. © Twitter 2. Nikhil & Nitin KamathThese two brothers aged 33 and 39, respectively are the brains behind Zerodha, an Indian financial service company which offers trading and financial services. Thein combined net worth is over Rs 11,000 crore. © Twitter © Twitter 3. Bhavish Agarwal34-year-old Bhavish is someone the country can thank for introducing Ola in India, a direct competition to Uber. The brilliant idea of Ola cabs came to the founder on a journey from Bangalore to Bandipur when he rented a taxi and had the terrible experience at the hand of the driver. He eventually decided to make use of this problem and find a feasible solution for it. His net worth is around Rs 3,100 crore. © BCCL 4. Sachin And Binny BansalWhen the country was still trying to understand the nuances of internet, these two geniuses decided to launch Flipkart and change the way people shopped in the country. With a combined net worth of over Rs 17,100 crore, these guys are a major source of inspiration. © Twitter 5. Riju RavindranHe is the brain behind Byjuâs, a learning app for students, which is already a big hit in the country. He is valued at over Rs 3,600 crore. © yourstory The figures of their net worth are in tow with the IIFL WEALTH/HURUN rich list. So in case you feel like the job you are stuck with is not enough for you or your dreams are bigger than the salary you draw, then let these people inspire you to think of a few ideas today. View the full article
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