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The point that I am making? Bring back level METAs. My personal taste to do this would be to alter the combat system from the wilderness to once more be conducive to PKing (possibly revolution mode automatically turns on as you enter, bring RS gold back specific attacks with KO potential( etc). Reinvent the wilderness as a large risk (e.g a coin drop on death whatever you are wearing), high reward set to train items to encourage PKers and non PKers alike to take that plunge. Close to the wilderness in the majority of worlds, leaving only particular ones open to push all of the wildy runescape gamers into one place. Reintroduce PvP worlds (could be attacked anywhere) having an XP boost for using them.


I love that this is probably not the most popular suggestion, so maybe there are different ways for example to create activities that have good rewards but are significantly harder at higher levels (making it easier to do at reduced levels). The purpose is, give people a reason to have several accounts, rather than aimlessly going for maximum every moment. OSRS has tens of thousands of movies on YouTube just.


Sort the confusion at the combat triangle out. Does melee have strength and strike whilst another two just have one skill that insures both? Power does almost nothing. I love that it's always been that way, however, RS3 has attempted to create a genuinely balanced combat triangle (on OSRS no one mages bosses by way of example). Combine the 2 skills, make it balanced cleans, make, make it feel.

Fix the new runescape participant experience. Most open world MMOs have places that you work your way through in a sensible order, with critters growing in power etc.. You can achieve that by producing a'primary' quest line that moves you through the world, discovering new places and introducing you to new things as you level (e.g bossing, the various skills, the GE, etc). The planet is too open world at early game degree. Since we are moving to freemium, you have space to run this questline through. We have to be appealing to new runescape players again, both in obtaining them and maintaining them.


Jagex never needs to have polled we need updates. Runescape players bring up this to buy rs3 gold and feel entitled to stuff each week. One big update per month would be fine, taking into consideration the scope. Then the 3 weeks could be fixes along with other updates such as QoL. It would also help to have an upgrade theme each month that RunePass could follow. Again, fantastic post! You have made a lot of good, acceptable points. I hope Mod Warden sees that and takes it all seriously. There are plenty of people in this thread who are overly fussy about"NO MTX" to realize it is too late for that struggle. Continuing to fight that battle is moot, but constructive suggestions is where our focus needs to be focused if we need change and a chance at abolishing Treasure Hunter.

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