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MapleStory I really Maple M Mesos dont remember what MTS stands forDalethI personally believe the auction house alleviated this issue a bit  it didnt prevent people from selling the items but it gave more people the ability to market items for in game currencyI think the best nexon can do is simply make a big clear update to the TOS  something

superficial but that brings the simple fact that actual world transactions are prohibited  it will not stop it but it may slow down it for literally no effort or hint  I see a great deal of folks doing it on the steam forums and I tell them it is against the TOS and they respond withwho careseverybody does it orI didnt know  making it crystal clear that it is a ban offence will clear at least some of it up Thats my thought it might not be successful but it wouldnt hurtThe issue is that Nexon itself does not care about doing it This was noticed by us by giving second and third chances They basically quit caring for awhile now and putting any sort of new rules in the TOS is not

going fix anything Since the players of the game understand that Nexon doesnt care that much then they dont care Nexon needs to be more firm about breaking the TOS and not giving out second chances to every hacker out there Theres no other gambling company that provides hackers or those who break the TOS another opportunity

unless it was a banningI believe that its a bit too late now though even if Nexon stepped up there game and did that They showed they dont care so having them step up today will require a lengthy time to repair any problems at this time Point is that the gamers will need to do there own thing and do exactly what they did before in

prebb Cease accepting people who split the TOS in there guilds and things of this sort They need to quit buying the equipment and the mesos or NX from these types of players too The people will selling there stuff for money if you stop purchasing the stuff eventually However that is never likely to happen in ways we have to learn how to dealBringing back the MTS or placing NX allowed from the Auction house will not solve something but make things worse They took the MaplestoryM Mesos MTS out bc of people and exploits getting hacked from there That is just going to occur Placing NX from the AH might help a little but then it will be exploited like no other as it involves


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