MMORPG behemoth first came out several years

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Blizzard embarked about the unusual and complicated process of producing classic wow gold, a separate project from the ongoing game that will see a reboot into the match system, bringing it back to how it played when the MMORPG behemoth first came out several years ago. But as its announcement, almost nothing was said about it outside of the simple fact that it's in development and seemingly going easily. Today, though, we did get a tidbit of in which the procedure is at.

Last week, a World of Warcraft Classic data construct surfaced on Blizzard's CDN, leaving many to believe a beta was on the horizon. On the official forums, community supervisor Bornakk squashed that hope, but did reveal that the new construct was related to current alpha testing which Blizzard workers are using. He didn't provide any other details, but it at least gave us a rough idea of where Blizzard is likely at with the job.

"I've got a little update here in order to help quell some of the rumors and allow you to know where we are in for WoW Classic," he wrote. "We recently began a phase of internal worker alpha testing. The new build data that many of you've been discussing over the past couple of days is simply a part of the process. Phases like this let us try out the game content along with other performance which will be utilized from the live game.

"Aside from this, we do not have some announcements to make at this time. I know all you're very enthusiastic about this game and we thank you for your patience as we continue to develop it. More details will be coming soon!" World of Warcraft Classic, whatever kind it will finally take to buy classic gold, is supposed to come out some time this season.

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