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The equipment and the mesos Maple M Mesos or NX from these types of players too The people will selling there stuff for money if you stop purchasing the stuff eventually However that is never likely to happen in ways we have to learn how to dealBringing back the MTS or placing NX allowed from the Auction house will not solve something but make things worse They took the MTS out bc of people and exploits


 getting hacked from there That is just going to occur Placing NX from the AH might help a little but then it will be exploited like no other as it involves real cash exactly like the MTS was People today will need to take this match more seriously if they want a better game not only Nexon but the playersCan MapleStory HighV boxes be

deletedst of all yes I read that they were delted at midnight Especially since that is much closer to care timeInstead Im guessing my  V boxes vanished because they place it to midnight GMT with no true indication of it being GMT in the description or the news post or the forum postSo I saved them to start them tonight because theyd

have filled my inventory with scrolls yesterday but nevertheless nexon is too hard to conduct on a line of code and delete the items during maintenance rather theyd instead put new boxes to get a brand new patch in prior to the patch really occursNormally I take break out of maple Maple story M Mesos because its a terrible habit and I am having a lot of fun but this time youve ruined an entire event for the casual gamers you are attempting to attract back Ill be sure to verbally denounce your business to everyone I know who has any interest in playing with a nexon game ever again I dont believe games a waste of time when I like myself and feel rewarded by the developers but nexon


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