When the update has been deployed on the test servers

Event details

During our rigorous routine procedure tests, irregular action was identified on limited amount of accounts, for example, movement of wealth and items back to the live game.Following our evaluation, we could resolve the issue before any significant impact was made into the broader game with RuneScape gold, or market. We have taken measures to return GP and things to some accounts that are affected. Whilst we generally don't return items or stone, we believe that given this odd situationwe wanted to ensure no players lost out to the actions of a member of team.


We're actively working with the Police concerning the incident, but given this ongoing legal matter we are not able to supply additional details.We pride ourselves on the passion and integrity of the JMods that operate for Jagex and we hold them to the highest standards. However, we're not afraid to take tough action and make difficult decisions when someone cannot fulfill those standards.We will dust ourselves off, and proceed. Old School is in its biggest and most powerful since launch, but we have to do, not least a launch that each day gets nearer. Newsweek has reached out to Jagex to affirm the identity of this team member that was dismissed. We'll update this post as more is discovered.


Do beta tests have a role other than purely technical? And do they still serve to actually collect the opinion of the gamers? Often, we would have a tendency to answer both questions but obviously not over the Jagex studio in regards to RuneScape. For several weeks, the British developer was testing the upgrade Weapon Diversity, aiming specifically to add a little diversity in the use of weapons MMORPG, so that every item has a very special role and the choice of firearms makes sense real.The upgrade was the subject of a beta this summer, the remarks of the players were not very enthused and in a notice published on the official site, the developer declares give up to deploy the update.


More concretely, when the update has been deployed on the test servers, the programmer has finalized it. According to the opinions of the players and the alterations to be made, at the conclusion of the beta, the studio estimated that it had finished only 50% of the content with cheap OSRS gold - more or less, the update didn't bring any really substantial adjustments and just the DPS level of weapons developed, inviting players to optimize it without imposing more approach in the selection of weapons actually employed by the gamers.

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