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On the other hand it gets even a little more interesting, although we could say that this is a rather unusual MMO experience. Let's talk a bit about the astel system and the battle procedure, because now it is now much clearer how it was developed in general with Astellia Online Asper, it's the second stage that may frighten you away. In the first case, it became evident that some astelas have a special condition for dealing damage, as an example, a summoned creature will inflict damage on enemies exposed to cold.


Ever since the first Korean beta tests, I was not sure precisely how the combat system was constructed, so I chose to not concentrate on it, but for some reason they decided to run the European test only on American servers, as NA states postscript. Everything that I write below could be impacted by ping, because before America I've it's about 170-200ms. The battle procedure itself can't be called since it isn't constructed on each ability and an action system has time that the character needs to cast. As a result, it ends up that a delay is between the skills, which reminded me very much.

As previously, you can reduce this exact same delay by abilities that accelerate the attack rate of your personality, for instance, originally you have a character who can apply such a buff.Now it will become clear to me personally that it is by this type of system a game was constructed with a delay, and of course, it depends upon the ping precisely how you perceive it, even though I still want to try fighting with the euro or even rupping.


Our author Alexander has played this broadly and would love to tell you his conclusion. What's Astellia? It appeared in South Korea in December 2018 and has been rather successful there for months. Currently, based on Multiclick, it occupies at 68th location at the most played games with cheap Astellia Online Asper. The Asia MMO offers you five different classes and brings as a distinctive feature the Astels using it. It would rather orient itself to conventional theme park MMOs and present them in a new guise.

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