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Pittsburgh Steelers T-Shirt , Jerome Bettis has found himself a popular guest along radio row in Atlanta this week. However, while his experiences with the Los Angeles Rams are among the questions he is being asked, it should come as no surprise to learn that it was his insights about the Pittsburgh Steelers that dominated the conversation.Appearing on a number of shows on Tuesday the included interviews with 93.7 The Fan on the Cook and Joe Show, a sit down with Dave Dameshek of the NFL Network, a segment for First Call on Fox Sports and a conversation with Boomer and Gio on CBS, Bettis was in high demand.But regardless of who he spoke to, the message coming from the Hall of Fame running back was clear and consistent - From ownership through to players, everyone in Pittsburgh was responsible for the situation they found themselves in with Antonio Brown. Some of the highlights from his interview with 93.7 The Fan:Believing the situation was salvageable, Bettis suggested a firm set of rules needs to be put in place that will apply to EVERYONE on the roster. How Brown responds to those rules would then determine his future with the Steelers. Sentiments he would echo when talking to Dameshek:And again with Boomer and Gio:Noting a lack of leadership in locker room since his time in Pittsburgh, Bettis seems to feel that many of the issues on the team started because of the leniency Tomlin showed towards certain players early on in his career. Despite all the issues as he sees them, the former Steelers running back left no doubt that he would like to see Brown remain in Pittsburgh for the rest of his career. Perhaps the most glaring omission from these multiple interviews is the relative lack of mention of Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers Hats , especially when compared to the number of times Tomlin is individually singled out. Effectively characterize the actions of AB as that of a misbehaving given too much freedom, rather than the behavior of a 30-year old man, some fans might question how little Bettis appears to hold Brown culpable for own actions. That being said, he is not wrong in holding the entire franchise responsible for this allowing things to become so dysfunctional, nor is he wrong when he suggests the team needs to set new standards going forward. Whether these are standards Brown is willing to conform to remains to be seen.NFL Picks: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Buccaneers, Week 3 It’s Week 3, but it’s safe to say the Pittsburgh Steelers are at a crossroads. Sitting on a pitiful 0-1-1 record, the boys from the ‘burgh head to Tampa to play the red-hot and undefeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.To suggest this is a must-win game, although it might feel like one, is hardly the reality. There are simply too many games left and, as the rest of the Week-3 slate of games proved Pittsburgh Steelers Hoodie , anything can happen in the NFL on any given weekend.But if there was such a thing as a game which felt like a must-win, even this early in the season, it would be this prime-time affair in Florida.This matchup certainly has a lot of facets to it — none more glaring than the Buccaneers’ offense, driven by Ryan Fitzpatrick, going against a Steelers’ defense who, last time they took the field, resembled a sieve more than a respectable, NFL defense.Then you look on the other side of things and you see a Steelers’ offense which has put up enough points to win in both of their first two games, but were only let down by the aforementioned defense. Could there still be improvement in this area? Absolutely, but can you blame an offense that puts up 21 and 37 points but has yet to win a game?While getting off to a good start will be key to the success of the Steelers, putting together a 4-quarter performance is something which hasn’t happened in a long time for Mike Tomlin’s crew. As bad as the Steelers have been during the first two weeks Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys , I often think about Mike Tomlin as a baseball player. When you watch baseball games, they often show the hitter’s ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots on the strike zone. A player who hits low and inside pitches well would show bright red in that area. However, the low and outside pitches might give him fits, so that area would be dark blue. With Tomlin, the road game against a lesser opponent would be the dark blue, but the prime-time game with the team’s back against the wall would be bright red. Given that the Steelers’ offense is playing well and going against a not-so-good defense in Tampa Bay, I find it hard to believe the Pittsburgh defense will duplicate their Week-2 performance in prime time. Not that they’ll shut down Fitzpatrick and company, but put forth a better showing.In other words, I’m not in the camp suggesting the Steelers get crushed in this game. No, I see this game going down to the wire and I’ll leave it to another player who’s had a rough start to the 2018 regular season to win the game. I think the Steelers win in the final seconds thanks to a Chris Boswell field goal.The win would move their record to 1-1-1 and put them right back into the thick of things in the crowded AFC.Prediction:Steelers - 38Buccaneers - 35 Custom Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys
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