Rocket League may also now have even extra cause to be upset

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Mac and Linux players who’ve lately made in-game purchases in Rocket League may also now have even extra cause to be upset. Psyonix announced the quit of Mac and Linux help in an upcoming update, however said that players may want to request refunds thru Steam. Many players on the Rocket League Steam discussion page and subreddit have claimed difficulty getting their refunds processed, even though Psyonix says it’s working to accurate that. More troubling are the reports that the developer doesn’t plan to refund microtransactions at all. One Reddit consumer posted a screenshot of a verbal exchange with a Psyonix guide worker who says, “the refund is for the bottom recreation only.”


While Psyonix hasn’t made a public announcement about no longer refunding microtransactions, Steam doesn’t provide a manner to get refunds for them, so the developer would need to make any such procedure available on its give up for it to manifest.


Psyonix stated that Mac and Linux gamers have been being reduce off Rocket League Trading in part because Rocket League is shifting away from DirectX9, and including in support for opportunity rendering alternatives on those structures could be too time-ingesting. According to Psyonix, Mac and Linux gamers make up less than zero.Three percentage of Rocket League players. The developer advised that they use workarounds like Bootcamp on Mac or Wine on Linux to retain gambling the Windows version of the game.

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