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 1. Basic safety: When subjected to external consequence, the elastic intermediate level can process the effect, which could prevent the impact through penetrating. Although the 0. 38mm PVB Laminated Cup is destroyed, only some sort of spider-like great crack is usually generated, and also the fragments usually are firmly adhered to On the middle layer, it is going to not slide off in addition to hurt persons, and can pursue to use till replacement.

ONLY TWO, anti-theft: PVB laminated glass is rather tough, even when the crook will split the tumbler, because the middle layer is usually firmly followed the goblet, still manage the integrity, so that this thieves cannot enter the room. After installing the laminated magnifying glaas, the guardrail is often omitted, which preserves money as well as looks good which enable it to reduce the feeling in the cage.

THREE, sound insulation: PVB film features a damping operate for good waves, PVB laminated goblet can successfully suppress this propagation associated with noise, specially in homes located on airports, channels, downtown as well as roads, right after installing laminated a glass, its noise insulation outcome Very totally obvious.

4, UV safeguards: PVB film can absorb greater than 99% with ultraviolet light, thus protecting indoor fixtures, plastic items, textiles, carpets and rugs, art, old artifacts or maybe commodities out of ultraviolet radiation plus fading plus aging.

A FEW. Energy keeping: Building laminated glass cut from PVB motion picture can appropriately reduce the particular transmission regarding sunlight. With the same fullness, the laminated glass cut from a dark low transmittance PVB motion picture is more resistant to help heat. At the moment, China Laminated Glass Supplier created laminated a glass has plenty of colors.

Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co., Ltd. produces in addition to processes various kinds of laminated cup, and in addition provides tempered glass door , insulating cup, dimming glass and wired magnifying glaas. Welcome to help consult. Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co., Ltd. is a great glass provider in China.

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