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No sorry. Tbh this seems like a to me personally. What is his fear? That you cheat online? Then he needs to  OSRS gold  trust you more. Which you'll find someone? Trust. Is he unhappy cause the thought of you with somebody else? He needs to process that and more forward. I really don't see any plausible reason for him to not want you playing with an online game for fun because you'd the years of LDR. Perhaps a conversation why he is worried about him where you can research might enable him move on from them and to express his difficulties. Hope you guys might get a middle ground.Sorry about this for extended rant. Basically, Araxxor was a precursor to Telos, so some may assert that Telos is the most exceptional, but he has a lot of lore supporting his presence and he believes sort of shoehorned into the desert. Yeah, Telos is trendy, but walking past a interface of tormented lifeless, bordering Darkmeyer's city walls, through the Haunted Woods, is located a cave. The cave has atmosphere, and by entering, one are led.

FFS, when you enter the battle in solo, you are greeted with a rather disturbing message: You enter the den... alone. Fighting Telos at the literal heart of the planet sounds important. The music is epic. You know you're doing something important when you're killing him. But while you wander into the cave of Araxxor, you feel small. You feel weak. And you also feel alone. Telos owes its uniqueness all into the inspiration it required from Araxxor if something.

The weapon itself is equally creepy and unique as the boss. Sure, scythes existed in-game ahead, but much less practical weapons. This was brand new. Employing a scythe is just so badass. From the sharp navy advantages to the indigo core dotted with glowing areas, the blade is a literal fang sewn roughly to the leg and just dripping with the toxic venom. The weapon is a perfect representation of the procedure used to make it and the boss from which it came.The halberd cartoons were just made for this particular weapon. The poisonous scythe makes a better halberd-class weapon than halberds. I noticed this when I used it with a keepsaked monster halberd because my licks did not look as clean and abilities like quake and storm looked less crisp. This is the 1 melee weapon in RuneScape that never looks awkward, even when my rotations cancel abilities in awkward orders. The weapon constantly moves and it just always makes me feel like a badass to use, even when I'm getting shredded by  buy RS gold the opponent.


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