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WoW Classic is merely buy gold classic wow a miserable effort by blizzard to take within the personal server market, just as the token was supposed to extinguish the golden selling marketplace. So in the end idk if it is worth to consider on the very long term. Truth is peps will obviously not select shit tier classes but still most people will perform casually since raiding does not even count anymore, but there'll not be any ladders no esports nothing to compete in (and additionally a shitton of retards that think's they will be able to play a 6-9h daily foundation jumping off to 12-16h on weekends just like they did when they were adolescents lul), so ultimately high end functionality wouldn't be important anyway since the great majority of players will be on a casual level, tbh I don't even anticipate raiding to be like 20% as active and desiring as it was back in the day since we would only have the true MMORPG experience now.

From WoW Classic design standpoint it'd certainly be for the best if blizzard improved trash specs without nerfing or affecting those who worked fine from the slightiest way, but truth be told we can not expect that much from these. Like the whole group that worked on vanilla is long gonesome key designers are even dead so that you can not count them for advicing or consultancy. So even though it would be good most probably what we'll get from it's blizzard missing the mark completely again and breaking up the whole game. So like I suppose I encourage your point however I can't actually tell I want blizzard to receive their hands on the dev at all because well most of us know that they dont deliver like even 10% of what their quality standard used to be.

I really agree that there ought to be some minor changes. The fact there have been vanilla private servers for so many decades now some players who come are gonna be 60 in two weeks and start killing the game supervisors inside the first month. That will ruin the experience it'll remove from WoW Classic for many. I truly don't think there is much to stop this besides other gamers playing their function with slowing peoples progress down via world pvp. Although I do feel they need to change some of the set items to benefit different specs seeing as how they have the"time/ability" to do this now. It literally can be so minor such as 40+ ap instead of 40+ healing you know just enough to make it viable to use different specs it'd make it a much more refreshing experience overdue game imo.

You got it kind of wrong with"tweaking amounts" to alter class equilibrium. You dont bring wow classic gold a ret pally since they dont have any dps ability. Buffing their"numbers" without changing their class design won't work for example because ret paladins really scale incredibly well with gear. But their problem is they are simpely auto attacking


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