It was both lol. Made my first account

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15 years back I remember dying here How times have changed

It was both lol. Made my first account and walked to RS gold  Varrock and expired to wizards. Freaked out that I had already lost what I had and decided it'd be a lot easier to just make another account, so I went and did the other direction toward Falador and expired to highwayman lol. So I made a third account and did the exact same thing again, and that you lived and is currently my chief! Lol I died to the Dark Wizards and decided to make a brand new account. Somehow losing my crappy assortment of bronze-steel equipment, runes, and 1k money stack seemed like far too big a set-back to overcome.

I didn't have that because I had just left tut island. I literally just had all of the shit you depart tut island with in my back pack and felt like having actually zero gp or anything or tools to get started with was enough of a setback that it was simpler to just start over. I don't even believe that was an incorrect choice. If I had my current degree of knowledge then sure it'd be simple to work around that, but knowing almost nothing about RuneScape, I really do still think it would've taken me longer to make the bare essentials back than to simply make a new account.

I am loving all people reminiscing on these previous times. It's so fun to hear all of the stories and laugh at stuff like this that was used to occur for me as a child also. I started having fun again since I stopped doing max efficiency. People pushing max efficiency down the throat of others for years truly ruined RuneScape for a few. cheap RuneScape gold   was the greatest if we were all just messing around.

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