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I really owned most of  NBA 2K20 MT them and was scoring effectively. I believe from them sprinting like Usain bolt up and down the court though lol I've ptsd. That is what bothered me.7'3s are helpful but not over-powered. They are easily beat in the pick and roll by smaller players onto a switch and slow transition D. Competitive players seldom run bigs over 7 ft. I did lose a comp 3v3 rated matchmaking game now to a 7'3 paint monster. Pretty rare to come across them at levels that are higher.

I labored tonight to most of them. They did not dominate me at all, it was the simple fact they were somehow faster than me that has been really bothering me. They don't look like they have been punished and should be if they aren't skilled. Idc but I need equilibrium in NBA 2K20. Period. I really don't understand your logic morons not understanding that. It is a problem that is damn, if guards are out currently running! Use your brain and comprehend that rather than trying to strike somebody. I could be the best player in NBA 2K20 when I think something has to be dealt with, and I would voice my opinion.

Yet another rant that is moronic, another day. 2K made NBA 2K20 midget and some ofy'all still on this exact same cry baby shit lol. Boy because you are crap at NBA 2K20, and getting ignored by individuals right and left, doesn't mean 2K would just remove 7'3 Centers. There's no gap between 7'0 and 7'3 Men in NBA 2K20. Will fuck you no matter what. Those that are crap, will be crap even with a 7'7 Center. Like your personal diary, Quit using this specific sub. Get in NBA 2K20, only, or play with IQ go cry somewhere else fool. This ain't it.

You morons that are basic love to presume someone is trash. I have a 16-2 record with an A+ teammate grade averaging 17 RPG, 16 PPG, and 5 APG. NBA 2K20 has ever favorite height, so idk what the fuck you're on about. I myself a strong comprehension of am an excellent defender, and positioning and post player, although I will never promise to be the most proficient. So in the event that you would like to ignore the real issue, that 7'3" dudes are operating around with mad rate and emphasizing height and no ability, then you're part of the motive NBA 2K20 does not get better. So my rant could be"moronic", but you're remark was just dumb and you seem pressed.

2K should extract pure playmaking assembles because folks simply spam dribble moves till you fall then shoot or pass because the teammate has to pick up. 2K should take the pure shooting construct because all they do is run across screens and then shoot with a tiny bit of daylight. It takes no basketball iq and a number of the shots that make do not move in in real life nor no one is over 50% shot from 3. And it goes on and on. Each place has advantages and their own perks centers are good at rebounding and blocking shots based on what they created. Do not know what standing or construct you made however when they are way taller then you with more wingspan they should be getting the plank over you since that's what they're made to  Buy NBA 2K MT do.

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