The Way to Create Baby Hairs Getting a Real Hairline

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May woman would like to make a lace wig with baby hair.

But do you know what does it mean to make wig with baby hair ?

The baby hair is a tiny, dense mass of tiny hair at the edge of a hair.

They can be long, short or even curly, depending on our hair textures.

The baby hair on the lace front wig will make the hairline naturally grow a wig.

So the baby hair can give the lace frontal wig a natural look.And no one can find the fact that you're wearing a wig.It is very elastic and covers the entire scalp area.

If our human hair wig are not with baby hair, it won't look very natural.

Baby hair is crucial to improving the appearance and natural appearance of the face.Baby hair helps to further enhance the sense of naturalness.

The short baby hair was tied around the wig.The hair can be brushed into the rest of the hair on the wig, it can be parted and brushed onto our face as well.

Let Us to Learn How to Create a baby hair

The lace front wig can provide a variety of hairstyles. Unlike other wigs, they can be worn for days at a time and can be safe when we do showering and sleeping. Creating baby hair means trimming some hair of the wigs at the hairline in order to make the wigs look more like our natural hair. And fortunately, you don't need the help of your hair stylist to make the wig baby hair for you after you read this article.


You can use a ponytail retainer to make our wig hair in a ponytail. You can pull it away from your face so you can see it clearly.


You need to brush forwards some of wig hair at the hairline using a toothbrush. If you prefer baby hair throughout your hairline, start with a small 1-inch section in the center of your forehead. If you just want baby hair on your temples, then start there. You just need to deal with no more than 30 single strands of wig hair at a time. You just estimate rather than calculate separately.


Gently pull a section of hair forward and hold the beauty razor in your other hand. Trim your hair back and forth slowly, keeping the razor away from your face. First, trim your hair long enough to touch your nose. For longer, sparse tendrils, keep this hair length. For shorter baby hair, pull the hair forward and trim it again.


Create a natural look by trimming all parts of the wigs to the same length. If the length is different, the baby's hair will look like uneven and fluffy.


The baby hair of each lace frontal human hair wig by Tinashe Hair are hand-tied one strands by one strands around the lace edges with a bleached double knot at the base to avoid excessive shedding creating the perfect illusion of a flawless natural hairline. 

And we have various wigs ,hair bundles,closure,frontal you can choose.

For wigs, we offer closure wigs,lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs with straight,body wave,deep wave,water wave,loose deep... wig textures.

To learn more about hair products,welcome to our Tinashe hair.

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