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There are a large variety of skin disorders that affect most of us during our lives. They may range from the innocuous to the life threatening Black Vic Beasley Jr Jersey , but all of them can be prevented and treated to improve your general health and appearance. The human skin is a particularly resilient organ. It usually will heal on its own given the right circumstances and basic good health of the in the individual, but there are times when it needs a little bit of timely intervention.

In a healthy person, the skin will go through several healing phases. In phase one the white blood cells and blood platelets rush to the wound to fight infection and begin repair. In phase two Black Matt Ryan Jersey , these platelets release proteins called growth factors that stimulate the production of new tissue. In the final stage of healing, the new tissue is accepted by the body and matures.

To aid and improve the process, there are certain things that one can do. Engage of some type of activity so that movement can ensure good blood flow. Remember to maintain proper nutrition. Do not use medications that inhibit tissue repair by always consulting with your physician. Maintain proper hygiene of the affected area in order to avoid infection. These tips will guarantee adequate skin regeneration.

Then there are other nagging issues brought on by age. Older skin just doesn't regenerate as efficiently. Though certain degree of maturation should be expected Black Devonta Freeman Jersey , there's a lot you can do to preserve a more youthful appearance.

The immune system is responsible for healing wounds and providing your body with defenses against infections and other disorders. Your skin will thank you if you exercise and follow a healthy diet. Do not smoke and you will be able to see the obvious difference in quality and texture of your skin compare to that of others who do smoke. Shop around for natural cosmetics that don't drench your skin with synthetic ingredients. By relying on plant based components you are avoiding the possibility of allergic reactions and inflammation.

It is essential that you keep your skin clean. Wash thoroughly with warm water and a gentle cleanser once per day, more often if you use make up during the day. Baby your skin by tending to it gently. Your skin will react negatively if you pick at it or subject it to rough scrubbing, chemicals or abrasives.

Additionally Black Julio Jones Jersey , you can supply your body with healing nutrients. Certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are instrumental in the regeneration of the skin. Vitamins C, A and E; zinc; magnesium; manganese and a constant and adequate supply of lean protein. Balanced meals and a daily multivitamin supplement are usually sufficient to get what your skin needs.

Again Black Qadree Ollison Jersey , remember to get plenty of exercise. Exercise will improve your blood flow and lend your skin a rosy, youthful appearance. Most importantly, stop smoking once and for all. Smoking will reduce the amount of oxygen the blood can deliver to the surface of your skin and nicotine is also a toxic substance that may interfere with the cells' ability to repair tissue. I'm searching for modern happiness. The old-fashioned kind takes just too long. That happiness requires patience and I don't want to wait. I want upgraded happiness. I want release 4.02 Black John Cominsky Jersey , the "new and improved" version.

This is the 21st century and I demand instant gratification.

Once upon a time, you had to wait to eat your meal. Even when the Mammoth Burger walk-through was open, they offered only self-kill meals. And when you brought them home Black Kendall Sheffield Jersey , you still had to get the fire started.

"What? Mammoth burger again? How you cook?"

"Ugh. Start fire for cave lady."

"Hah. You probably burn cave down."

"Hah you. No can burn cave down. Buy insurance policy."

"How you start fire?"

"Rub two fingers together. Make big flame. Cook mammoth burger."

"Last time you burn fingers."


Nobody lights a fire these days. People don't even light ovens anymore. It takes just too long to heat up a meal. It takes just too much patience. I'm hungry now, not 40 minutes from now. That's why God gave us microwave ovens. Just pop the food in and whrrr ?BEEP- out it comes, nicely warmed for immediate consumption. That's how I want my happiness ? toasty warm and right now!

"Ooh. No more burn fingers."

Consider the Internet. You type "electric toothpicks". You hit "enter". Google responds: "Search took 1.02 seconds."

"Seems kinda slow Black Kaleb McGary Jersey ," you think. "Google is ready for the geriatric ward." You click on the first result ? something about an electric eel eating a balanced breakfast ? and a blank screen appears. You wait.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Did you know that Shakespeare once waited almost twenty seconds for a web site to appear, so he could find a word that rhymed with cardiologist? The web site finally appeared in 1997, but he had given up waiting by then.

Five seconds pass. Time's up and still not site. Your instant gratification cells have been offended. You surf to another site.

"Ugh. No get Mammoth Burger web site. This thing no work."

"That thing rock."

"Rock broken. Go to mammoth burger walk-through"

I don't want to walk to get happiness. I want it delivered now. Not twenty seconds later Black Chris Lindstrom Jersey , even if it does rhyme with cardiologist. Not 1.02 seconds later. I want happiness now.

Remember the olden days when you had to extract your posterior from the couch to change channels? That took such a monumental effort that most people sat through whole television shows without changing channels. Of course, that might have been because the other channel was playing Lawrence Welk.

Back in the two-channel universe there was always something on. Now we flip through 472 channels, which keeps us busy while wishing for something worth watching.

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