Differences between full lace wigs and frontal wigs

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Full lace human hair wigs are produced with the cap and thin lace sewn on top of the cap. Then sew the single strand of hair onto the thin lace by hand. The full lace wigs mean have all lace around the wig. So, you can cut a new hairline all over your head. When you buy a full lace human hair wig, it won’t looks like a regular wig, such as frontal wig or closure wig or machine made wigs, when we look from the front, back and side of the wig, it looks like all the hair is growing directly from your own head. The reason is for full lace wig. Any strands of hair were hand tied to the lace. And when you install the full lace human hair wigs, you can do the ponytail or braid the hair as you prefer.

The lace front wigs are made of thin lace, across the front hair line extending from ear to ear. The lace front wigs are made like the regular lady's wigs for the back and sides of the wig. For lace frontal wigs, the lace will be very long in the front, and you need to cut the extra lace according to your hair line. That is to create a new hairline for us. Normally you will not cut all the front lace because you may apply the adhesive to the lace or new hairline. After you apply the human hair wigs, you will have a whole wig. If we look from the front of the wig, the wig looks as if it grew out of your head directly.

For lace frontal human hair wigs, there is no lace at the back of the wig, so you could not wear it with a high ponytail at the back. But a full lace wig is with lace around the whole wig, we can do a high ponytail and look more natural than lace front wigs. That’s the only difference between a full lace wig and a lace front wig.

Let us see the differences between different cap constructions

In our Tinashe hair, we have 4 kinds of wig constructions for our customer. In fact, there are more than 4 kinds of wig cap constructions. But these are the most popular and more convenient for customers. Because most of the beginners are confused about the wigs. Usually, it will take a lot of time to decide which one to choose for a beginner.

Our Tinashe will tell you clearly about the difference for the 4 kinds of wig cap constructions.

Full lace wig cap constructions



For full lace wig cap, it is with stretch in the crown. It needs to be glued down. It is a good choice for the customers who don't have hair. And it also has 4 combs in the cap and adjustable strap at the back.

13*6 lace frontal wigs and 13*4 lace wigs cap constructions

The wig cap constructions are very similar for these two lace frontal wigs.13*6 lace frontal wigs can do deep part than 13*4 lace wigs.

That is the only difference.



360 lace frontal human hair wigs cap constructions


360 lace wigs are little like full lace wigs, have all lace around the wig, except the top of the wig.

So, if you would like to do the ponytail, but don't have enough money, can try 360 lace frontal wigs.


Our Tinashe hair offers many kinds of hair products, such as hair bundles, closure, frontal and wigs.

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